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Don Boy Records
Don Boy Records
7 Tracks
Don Boy Records is an independent record label and is holding it down making way on the east coast. The main artist on the rap label is Don Flo. There are other
4 songs
Holla at your boy! Don Boy Records is the new hot rejuvenated independent Record label Straight out of Brooklyn, NY. Please show support and never stop playing our Music.We are on a mission to ensure dedicated and talented artist acknowledgement for their musical contributions. Don Boy Records set out to network with other fellow independent Music labels and create such a strong connection that, major labels won't be needed anymore to push our projects or any upcoming artist music.
Band/artist history
Don Boy Records has been around since winter 1999 and still holding it down in 2007. We been through some changes and tests of determination, also some road blocks that we had to conquer and for those of you that have been loyal , Thank you.We would have been where we want to go and need to be ,but setbacks and challenges had to be defeated
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have had live performances at AS220 in Providence and The Flamingo club in NY , there were special moments which the crowd showed a lot of love.Also hot spots like the Five SPot in Brooklyn and Amarachi were good performance venues.Performing is like the complete package deal to your fans you owe it to them an artist should love it.You can catch us soon at venues such as Sputnik and others in Brooklyn.
Your musical influences
My musical influences are B.I.G. , Jay-Z, Nas, James Brown, and some others
What equipment do you use?
Many different programs and production panels as needed.
Anything else?
WWW.DonFlo.Freehomepage.COM BE ON THE Lookout for the Don Flo Album "THE ABYSS" Coming Soon
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