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Nothing Regal
Nothing Regal is a contemporary Christian praise and worship focused band with a classic rock and modern pop influence.
34 songs
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Angels We Have Heard On High
Christmas Time All Year Long
Do You Hear What I Hear?
My Favorite Things
We Three Kings
12 songs
Nothing Regal has now shifted into a new band called Strawmakers. For more info, please visit . Nothing Regal is a contemporary rock/pop/praise and worship band based in Cumming, Georgia. We play for community events and concerts/worship services for churches and organizations. As for our approach to music, we not only play popular praise and worship songs from other songwriters, but also write original worship music that reflects the grace-focused and relation-based culture we feel should define the church. And, as a part of our intent to be "in the world and not of it," we readily admit that we're not big fans of a lot of so-called Christian music, and we really, really like to inject our worship sets with bits of spiritual truth from the O'Jays, Pete Townshend, Lifehouse, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash, The Youngbloods, Collective Soul, Stevie Wonder, John Hiatt, Bob Dylan, U2, and CCR (among others). Trust me, you haven't had church until your heard the congregation singing "Love Train" or "Shine" at the top of their lungs. In addition to the groups mentioned above, our influences don't come so much from the contemporary praise and worship culture, but instead they come from classic rock and roll artists who have had a longstanding career of being able to speak the language of the common person. (That's not to say, however, that we don't enjoy a good praise and worship jam by Derek Webb, Paul Baloche, Todd Agnew, or Chris Tomlin every now and then either.) Songwriters like Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, John Cougar, the Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, Elvis Costello, Bob Marley, and U2 have managed to remain relevant and enjoyed and loved by so many for so long because they have a natural ability to translate truth and longing and pain and joy into everyday speak and not wrap it in "smarter than thou" artsiness that has everyday folks scratching their heads. We want to do the same with praise and worship music and take it out of the lofty, esoteric realm to bring it down to the place where all are equal at the feet of Jesus, all are just as dirty and stained as everyone else, and all can understand in basic simplicity this beautiful thing called grace we are allowed and encouraged to live in -- and to come to appreciate and love and honor the God who gives such grace to everyday people.
Band/artist history
We formed as the praise band for Lakeland Community Church (www.lakelandchurch.com) then decided to exist as a band outside the church. We've been together in our current line-up for about two years. The line-up includes: Carrie Eggers Keyboards Bio coming soon. Jeff Gordon Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Songwriter Jeff Gordon has been involved in music professionally for more than 25 years. As a member of the band the Ridge, he was signed to Discovery Records (a subsidiary of Warner Bros.). During that time, a few of Jeff's own original compositions were selected to appear on television programs including Beverly Hills, 90210, Dawson's Creek, Melrose Place and Sports Center; various artists compilations including Redneck Christmas Party and Trailer Trash Christmas; T.V. and radio commercials and even the HBO original movie I Might Even Love You. When the band left the label, Jeff remained as Sales and Marketing Manager at Warner Bros. and worked with such performers as the Black Crowes, Eric Clapton, the Goo Goo Dolls, Madonna, R.E.M., the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Dwight Yoakam. After a decade at Warner Bros., he began working for the House of Blues imprint label as their Vice President of Sales and Marketing and eventually moved to Cumming. He now spends his time playing with Nothing Regal and performing as a solo artist in many local venues. He also performs with his two talented daughters in local senior homes in order to give back to the community and share a little love with the well-deserving. Lee Henson Bass Guitar, Songwriter, Photographer Lee Henson began shredding early in life. Through the course of his childhood, Lee would take leading and backing roles in numerous alterna-metal and folk ensembles, including the late 90s local Atlanta rock band Tilden's Faith. Taking on bass and electric guitar roles in numerous praise and Route 180 and other worship bands since the mid 90's, Lee eventually made his church home at Lakeland Community Church. Known affectionately as "Doctor Thunder From Down Under," Lee also currently forms part of an improvisational jazz art rock band with his toddler son Luke. Derik Keel Electric Guitar Derik Keel, prior to joining Nothing Regal, played with the band Here Am I, based at First Baptist Church of Decatur, for about eight years. In addition, has been a member of the classic rock band Rampage in its current line-up for more than 10 years. The band has been to together on and off for 30 years, and Derik has been involved with them in some fashion (playing, sound, lights) throughout that time. One of his personal highlights was when the band played the All-Harley Drag Races for about 3000 bikers (and lived to tell about it) in a three day outdoor event. He has also been a member or numerous other bands, including Dreamer. Shawn Loud Backing Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Audio Technician Bio coming soon. Bill Rullan Drums Bill Rullan joined the school band in 6th grade and was introduced to the "26 Rudiments of Drumming." Soon after he performed in various school concert bands and marching bands in the drum line. After graduating high school, he dabbled with various rock and jazz groups while in college at Georgia Tech. Shortly thereafter, he joined the band Working Stiffs in 2004 and played various clubs for about two years. He joined the Lakeland Community Church praise band in 2005 and became a founding member of Nothing Regal. In addition to his time with Nothing Regal, he also performs regular Friday night gigs in the house band for Lefty's Pub. Sean Taylor Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Harmonica, Songwriter Sean Taylor began his professional involvement in music in when he joined the group Reign. Together with his bandmates, he toured the Southeast and performed with such Christian rock acts as The Newsboys, Adam Again, Guardian, The Choir, Jacob's Trouble, and The Waiting and performed for such notable music festivals as IS Fest and Atlanta Fest. When the group split up, Sean began playing bass in his local church and working as a music buyer and de factor assistant manager for the Mustard Seed Christian store. While at Mustard Seed, he worked hard to stock and promote the more indy and avant garde Christian music that was too edgy for most Christian radio. After that, he moved to the North American Mission Board, where he joined the first official NAMB praise band. Shortly after that, he began writing original techo-garage rock and released a solo CD called Pop Nightmare. Eventually he joined Lakeland Community Church and found a place on the praise team there, ultimately accepting a position as the Worship Director at the church and switching over to a position primarly on the acoustic guitar (though he still lays down the funk when called upon). During that time, he hooked up with Jeff Gordon and the rest of the band and helped found Nothing Regal.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We're always open to play, since we really feel that the energy of Nothing Regal makes us a truly "live" band.
Your musical influences
O'Jays, Pete Townshend, Lifehouse, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash, The Youngbloods, Collective Soul, Stevie Wonder, John Hiatt, Bob Dylan, U2, CCR Derek Webb, Paul Baloche, Todd Agnew, Third Day, Jacob's Trouble, Chris Tomlin, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, John Cougar, the Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, Elvis Costello, Bob Marley, and I'm sure there are others, but that should cover the basics.
What equipment do you use?
You name it. We probably use it.
Anything else?
The Mixed-Up Worship Songbook of God "Declare them guilty, O God! Let their intrigues be their downfall. Banish them for their many sins, for they have rebelled against you. "But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you. "For surely, O LORD, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield." (Psalm 5: 10-12) I chose this verse simply because I appreciate that the ancient songbook (the book of Psalms) understands that songs used in worship went beyond just simple adoration and "good feeling" songs. If you read the book of Psalms with an open mind, you will quickly find songs dealing with praise and adoration, but not only that. You'll just as quickly also discover songs filled with repentance and regret and sadness. And it gets worse. You'll also find songs demanding retribution against enemies, songs expressing doubt about why the wicked prosper and the righteous suffer, and songs about fond memories of being able to worship freely that were written during the Jewish captivity. Why is this important to me? For me, this knowledge enhances my experience of worship. It means I can worship in doubt and misunderstanding, as well as in joy and praise. It means that worship songs don't always have to be upbeat and happy. It means that when God demands that we worship him in spirit and in truth, he means it. Sure, our modern, contemporary take on worship likes to highlight the adoration and praise elements, but if we are going to worship in the way that scripture's songbook guides us, we will have to be sure that our definition of "worship music" is always open to be changed by the truth of God.
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