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Marcy White
Marcy White
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As a singer and songwriter, I have a strong desire to share what God has done, and continues to do, in my life through contemporary Christian music...by the lov
I am so thrilled to be able to share this music God has given me with you. It's been so awesome learning to make music for God...and it's a true miracle for someone like me to be doing this! God has brought me through so much and continues to refine this "work in progress" (me). Please feel free to download, enjoy, and SHARE these songs!! I pray they bless you:).
Band/artist history
God said, "Sing" and I did. God said, "Write this" and I did. It's really that simple and pretty dern cool!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love to play when ever/where ever I can! Every time is special (and there's always a lesson learned)!
Your musical influences
I love Nicole Nordeman, Joy Williams, Toby Mac, December Rain, Salvadore...Ozzy. You name it. There's not a genre I don't like. However, now that I am a Christian, I'm so lifted up by listening to Christian music (all the different Christian genres!!) and would much rather my children listen to that as well. But I love and respect all music styles:).
What equipment do you use?
It all started in 2007 with an old Wurlitzer I painted yellow and white with a very cute (I must say):) black/white polka-dot bench cover:). I've since moved and given that away, but I have a great keyboard now that I'm looking forward to learning from!!:)
Anything else?
I hope you enjoy the songs and are blessed by them. They're not mine...they are God's.
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