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Mad Cat Records
Mad Cat Records
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14 Tracks
Rock n roll,50's influenced jive,rockabilly
Out of the Blue
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Good Lovin' Man
Peak position #66
Maximum Rock n Roll
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If Your Woman Wanna Boogie
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Fallen Angel
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The Mad Cat Rockers are a 50's influenced rock n roll/jive/swing/rockabilly studio band from Manchester UK..,Martin Davies, guitar/Bass/vocals has notched up nearly 1,500 gigs in 25 years in various bands and working with the likes of Elvis Presleys Sweet Inspirations (twice),The Crickets,Dave Berry,Charlie Gracie,Frankie Ford,The Jets along the way.. along with many many more top artists/stars from the 50's and 60's.. Martin now plays with The Shakers from Liverpool..one of the countrys top merseybeat/Beatles bands..with a residency at The Cavern club,New Year 2009 in Bahrain coming up,and theatre shows,hotels up and down the UK! Guest musicians include Jeff Weston,Jeff Morgan on lead guitar,both respected rock n roll musicians from Manchester UK,Eddie Raynor on drums,and Dave Lea on piano,from Manchesters no.1 50's rock n roll band, Colin Paul and The Persuaders.
Band/artist history
Coming soon!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes i play Bass for The Shakers.. see www.myspace.com/shakersbeat.. ..Best moments? Working with Elvis's Sweet Inspirations backing singers twice at rock n roll /Elvis festivals...playing to 18,000 people at the Tatton Park Car Show 2 years on the run...nearly poking my eye out in a drunken moment onstage in Blackpool...Cutting my face open jumping off my amp...Working with some of my rock n roll heroes..(The Crickets..Joe Brown..Charlie Gracie..) too many moments to remember....But loving being the resident band at The Cavern Club..home of my ultimate heroes..The Beatles..
Your musical influences
Chuck Berry,Dave Edmunds,The Beatles,The Stray Cats,..loads more! As a bass player..Paul McCartney,James Jemerson,Bruce Foxton..
What equipment do you use?
Too much to mention..Hofner,Fender,Gretsch,Premier,Peavey for live work..Boss 16 track and Ableton Live 6 for recording/mixing..
Anything else?
We're top lads! Love rock n roll and making an audience dance(they cant help it man!!!)..looking forward to our future original releases...
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