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Tha Sho-Shot Allstars are artist who’s Songs have been featured in a number of Hit movies and television shows including the Upcoming O'mar Epps Movie Against
Rap on a Big Chuck Beat!!!
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Dirty South, Dirty Girls (B. dot & Phlex Skillz)
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Call An Ambulance (Featuring O.M.A.)
Peak in sub-genre #31
Shake It Hoti (Featuring B. dot)
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Deep In My City (I'm A Hustler ) Feat-Big Dutch
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Tha Sho-Shot Allstars are an Inglewood California Based Urban Rap Group who's Songs have taken the independent world of hip hop by storm. The group constantly has produced songs that have been in big demand by music libraries seeking to place their work in hit movie and television shows.
Band/artist history
Sho Shot Entertainment is an Inglewood California based production and recording company that is beginning to make some noise in the independent world of Urban rap music. Founded by producer Bryon Big Chuck Epps and his partner James R. Franklin in 1998, the company has since become home to some of the most talented rappers and singers that the streets of South Los Angeles has to offer.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Playing live is one of the greatest rushes an entertainer can experience. The feelings of fear and uncertainty, mix togeather with confidence and inner strength, to give the performer the feeling of being able to control his or her own destiny. We love that feeling.
Your musical influences
Of course Jay Z, for his ability to adapt and continue, Naz, for his style and ability to connect, But I'm also influenced by newcomers, like 50 cent who gave away music just so people could hear him. It's not all about making money, a lot of cats can't even give their music away But they wanna try to sale it to you. You have to give in order to receive.
Anything else?
We just wanna thank all of you who support what We do, it means the world to have a dream that other people think you should have. Thank you.
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