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M.C. Kimmel
M.C. Kimmel
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M. C. Kimmel I love finding the strange and abstract sound styles. I'm a total bass junky. I love jazz and blues. The older the better. Turntables raised
DJ/Producer/MC/Engineer: Krazy K-LOE (aka M.C. Kimmel) Was born in Seattle Washington. In 1989 M.C. Kimmel started out as a DJ. Creating Mix Tapes, and Break Beat mixes in his parents basement. Learning the craft he began DJing for schools, parties, banquettes, and weddings. M.C. Kimmel began to Produce beats for local Artists in 1996. Then in 1998 M.C. Kimmel Produced his first project named MANIFEST. Unreleased it was remastered and released as CEMETERY ROAD in 1999. Thats where it all started...... Since 1999 M.C. Kimmel has released over 400 featured songs with local Seattle Artists. M.C. Kimmel is affiliated with groups such as The K.L.P. - Family, Beat Collision, The Untitlists, The Prime Selection, Puget Sound Legion, CatoKysm, Sathin, The Offer Stands, as a producer and as a lyricist. From 2004-2006 Beat Collision released 2 LPs. From 2005-2009 The Untitlists released 9 LPs. 2010 The Prime Selection released 1 LP. Puget Sound Legion featured on 3 LPs from 2001-2002. From 1998-2000 The K.L.P. - Family released 2 LPs. M.C. Kimmel the soul owner of K-LOE Productions has released Multiple Albums and Mix Tapes.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No... I work in the studio. I use to.
Your musical influences
All music has some type of influence. Jazz is my fav.
What equipment do you use?
Hardware: Turntables, Mackie 12 Channel Mixer, A Yamaha 12 Channel Mixer, Yamaha Keyboard, Korg ER Drum Machine, Korg EM Drum Machine, Yamaha Stage speakers, KLH studio speakers, 2 QSC 2600 amps, 4 Shure Stage Mics, Boss 202 Sampler, Gemini Sampler, and MXL Condenser Mic. Software: Sony Sound Forge, Sony Vegas, Sony Acid Pro, Cubase, Fruity Loops, Pro Tools, Cakewalk, Sonar.
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