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Ricki B
April 28, 2008
9,148 plays
No band, just me and I'm no performer
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, Nowhere, No, No
Your musical influences
Joni Mitchell, 60's Motown, James Taylor, Happy Rhodes (not really but I just love her) Lucinda Williams, Chris Whitley and more as I think of them
What equipment do you use?
guitar, electric keyboard
Anything else?
snapping fingers
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Hi Ricki.....Your get back home song...is really touching me right now. I sat at my Mom in law's home last night....She is 88 and just lost her daughter this year....and Sister... the year before...and on and on...and though we tried to cheer her up.....she was feeling the emptiness of chairs at the table ........so your song really grabbed me. My own Mom will be 89 in January...and that realization hits me hard... Felt your song big time. If you were playing out...I would listen...so am surprised you feel you're not a performer. Keep singing. best... Kaley
Dear Ricki, You are very subtle and sweet throughout your songs. The lyrics are excellent and I could've listened all night. There is abit of Carol King within you that is very attractive and easy to the ears. I like what you do very very much and do sincerely wish you and your music the absolute best of luck. I truly like your oneness and the heart by which you appear to wear on your sleeve. There is much beauty within you that desires to be shared and after listening to the first three songs,, wow, wonderful pictures. Your Friend, BOB
Gosh, I'd love to chat with the artist behind this piece. So mellow, and inviting. Steamy, to say the least. Thanks, Jessi