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Jory Hector
Jory Hector
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Many a local singer has sprung up, created hype, and has disappeared from the entertainment platter for mysterious reasons. However, a young and super-talented individual, who continues to hold public interest even as he delivers renditions with positive messages, is the Sophia born Jory Hector Douglas, who has become a music phenomenon both locally and overseas.
Band/artist history
Many have whooped in delight at his intense stage presence and unique ability to capture and control a crowd. His mimics and somewhat hilarious demeanor have pushed him way up the entertainment chart as he steadily climbs the ladder of fame and popularity. Many a song has targeted and hit home in various regions where his musical preaching was most needed, and they were deemed appropriate to those that benefited. This singer has held the fort among international singers in Jamaica and other regional states and has been well received by his overseas audiences. In Guyana, his name has become a legend on the lips of every teenage dance hall fan, while he has even invaded the minds of the middle aged and the elderly. This ambitious local songster, who recently teamed up alongside the international entertainer Natural Black to perform the pulsating single 'What you're looking for,' disclosed that other entertainers are searching for the secret to his rapid climb in the entertainment arena. He says: "My secret is no big thing. I am just myself and love to focus on delivering hyped and positive selections which always leave a lasting message on those that listen." The single hit in which he teams up with Natural Black will be featured on his next album, which promises to be 'the bomb', according to sources. In an interview, Jory related that his idea to perform alongside the international star was initiated to foster more international exposure and get his voice and presence stabilized on the international market. Shows in which he performed in recent months include the Musical Extravaganza in Linden, Beach A Rama featuring Shaggy, among others. To date, he is working on his own album which, he says, 'will stir the minds' of the universal population providing it is given the deserved mileage. While he has already released 'Brutal News' for the year, the 24-year-old Aries born predicts he is headed 'for the big stars.' Earlier in the year, in Jamaica , at the Natural Black Togetherness Concert, he rocked the joint with his performances. He was also explosive at the Jamaica Rock the World event in 2005, as was expected. While he hopes to be featured on the fame chart alongside big names like Akon, Bob Marley and others, to date he has recorded reverberating hits that have brought him into the limelight. In 2006, it was the hit 'Last Bad Boy' which spiraled him to popularity. This was followed by 'Bad Mind', 'Bus ah Wine', 'You', 'School', 'Nervous' and 'She need ah Man', in which he teamed up alongside Brutal Tracks artiste Alicia Holder. Jory advises other musicians to shoot for the stars in the face of all adversity and disappointment.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yea I preform At all da big shows and promotions...
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beenie man,movado,bounty killa,vybz kartel, beres, ninjaman,Dancehall music,reggae,bob marley,peter tosh,sean paul