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I am from Anchorage, Alaska. I compose industrial type music. The band is composed of six synthesizers, three computers and one mixing board... Heavy influence
The Frame Collapse 322
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ZyoxaMine is a feature of myself, geared for electronic music/noise, it will showcase my recordings of the past ten years... Alot of the music was under a different band name. I'm unsure about it now, what name I'll use next.
Band/artist history
My recording music started twenty years ago.. I played guitar at age twelve, I had deep ambitions to record music when I was young. In fact it seemed impossible that I had made up my mind to do so. In 1990 I really got a hold of enough gear that I found a method to make it simpler to record, soon things went awry. I had to work ina hotel/restaurant to make ends meet. I also attended several music school to smarted up. Not to smart though? equipment started failing and I had gone broke and mentally challenged to the max, so I had a breakdown and it took six years to fix things up.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No i don't play live, Time will tell... I think I'd have to totally mix pre recorded music with a live performance and improvise segues between songs so it would be more entertaining. A bit like a DJ... I have a very poor musical memory sometimes, especially if I'm being focused on. Stage fright.
Your musical influences
First I heard Dark Side of the Moon, I really wanted to be like that, my mother listen to alot of stuff, I am influenced by too many things at anytime, lately my music sounds like what I think Industrial/Future music should be. But i also envy many artist who have spawed the genre. I get limited. Cyber-Punk influence, computers and tech-werk are a focus.
What equipment do you use?
I record with a Korg D16XD multitrack, Synths: (2)Korg M3-R, Poly800. Ensoniq: SQ-80, FIZMO, Roland: GR-50, GP-16. Boss: SE-50 E-MU: Proteus XR2, Emulator X3 software and audio interface. Behringer: mixers and (2)virtualizer pro. Spectral Synthesis: Synth-Engine Sampler. Sony Acid Pro, Audio Studio... Steinberg Cubase... Cakewalk Sonar. a large host of plugins... Sound Guys audio plug-in's about twelve basic VST synths...
Anything else?
I have a few people to thank for helping me achieve my goals, Lissa, Rye, Danielle, Grandma Loyce, Jeremy Kimball, Brent Morris, Michael Henning, George O.T. Tony Streetman, Jay Rylander, Eric Flatray, Logan and Corbin... Thanks to those companies who make musical instruments/gear, computers, software... ect. Thanx Soundclick, too.
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