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Myth of Unity
Myth of Unity
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7 piece drum & bass/Rock outfit, combining electronic samples and synthsisers with high tempo drums and thrashing guitars. Fronted by a Soul siren and a Fizzed
Myth of Unity - Rock/Drum&Bass/Electro- Pop Marc - Vocals. Currently works in construction. Propagandist by nature, Slowgrinder by style. Kel - Vocals. Pop Princess and Playground manager - Caffeine addict and Sexual deviant. Roz - Synths. Works in Music Therapy - Slightly clumsy, most likely to die laughing at farts. James - Guitars and Production. Currently works in retail and runs the Playground Recording Studio. Founded the idea for MOU. Born differently, like Axel Rose. Wil - Synths/Samples. Works in retail - Highly spiritual young man, once met Jah at a Dubstep rave. Ste - Bass. Greek, still in education and Cafe boy - Enjoys the ladies. Luke - Drums. Still at Uni studying self intensity, tubthumping and being a Subway legend. In our own words, Myth of Unity is about our friends, harsh nights, good times, loud music, bright lights, smiles and PEACE!
Band/artist history
The band was formed as a solution to each members issues with modern music, as a reflection of what each member is influenced by, and as a fresh approach to live popular music. The name is a reflection on the lack of together-ness of the world and its many components from society, religion, music and international relations. The serious parts aside, the band are very light-hearted in the approach to song writing and presentation, with song content ranging from Prostitution in Amsterdam (redlight), to nights out and good times (Therapy, TranzEpic). Formed in January 2007 they have since written, recorded, mixed and produced their self titled first EP which has been promoted through local and national media, played major cities, won competitions and are currently developing a huge local and national following.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We love playing live, it is the tits.
Your musical influences
Breakbeats, synths, guitars, drums, Drum & bass, Electro, Pop, Dub, Squelch, hardcore, metal, rock, unity, sex, drugs, rock'n'roll