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White Noise Radio
White Noise Radio
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White Noise Radio is a melodic rock/powerpop indie band out of NY currently making some noise on the East Coast. The sound is fresh and the aim is true.
"White Noise Radio is a brand new indie powerpop/ rock act out of NY currently making some noise on the east coast. Fans have compared WNR to Postal Service, Bright Eyes and the Cure. White Noise Radio's self-titled debut is now available through FYE and CdBaby.com. Visit White Noise Radio online at www.thewhitenoiseradio.com or at www.myspace.com/thewhitenoiseradio"
Band/artist history
For all those who I have shared the stage with in the past...I thank you for fighting alongside me as a brother...Busting knuckles, trashing sets, and playing to two people (who wished we played country music). LOVING every minute of it all is tough to do for no money...no respect...and no future. After the collapse of my last band Savior Hate, just as we were on our way up....opening for National Acts, getting attention, and showing signs of breaking through...I was so disheartened that for the first time in my life I viewed my passion for music as a curse. I viewed every kind word, every autograph signed, and every "FAN" of my past music as one big sham. Pity for the obscure if you will. But, with SPRING of 2006 came news of my first baby on the way. Inspired to write for my unborn child, I began writing and recording again, playing on an old acoustic guitar gifted to me by my very close grandfather. That very guitar is the first I strummed in this life, and to this very day I swear it plays itself. I played to no audience, no genre, no "scene." This time around I was just happy to create. I wrote songs that will never have a release date...or a label to call home....they simply were gifts to those I love. December 30th, 2006 my little Emmy Rain was born...and with her arrival so returned my fire. Suddenly, I envisioned it all so complete. RAIN the Revolution would be my record label. I would lock myself in my basement studio and not leave until a new album was in the works. I would no longer cater to the "macho" sound of the boring scenes around me. I would no longer depend on others in any aspect of music...I would play every instrument....sing every note...record and produce my own album, even if it meant the album would sound like fingernails on a chalkboard. This was my big F.U! moment. Time had come to rediscover songwriting. An old "CHEESY" keyboard quickly became my best friend while exploring new ways to write. Teaching myself to play the keys was a bit of a journey in itself. However, I enjoyed the journey so much that I began seeking out and collecting old unwanted keyboards...most which were never sought after in their prime...lol. Five "underdog" boards later and WHITE NOISE RADIO was born. Layers of distorted guitars, symphonic synth sounds, and pounding drums romanced me into becoming a believer. Track after track I discovered a sound that was hidden inside me all along. White Noise...begging to be truly heard. One simple voice within the vast static...that's me. Upon the First day of SPRING 2008.....WHITE NOISE RADIO will release our debut album "Voices in the Static" worldwide...RAIN the REVOLUTION will be the label. Thank you for all of your kind words, song plays, and support. We hope to be your best unkept little secret in 2008. -Vinnie V.-
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Stayed tuned on where to catch WHITE NOISE RADIO live.
Your musical influences
WNR is melodic rock/powerpop with a fresh symphonic crunch. The music can be as chill as a mid-summer night....Think The Postal Service or Dashboard Confessional. But then quickly lifts you back onto your feet with a punch similar to Say Anything, Plus 44, and others.
What equipment do you use?
Fender, Yamaha, Ludwig, Boss, Ibanez
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