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My Stage Name Is NuSenze I Am CEO of Sound Pruf Inc. a Global Entertainment Group Based Out Of The States With Artists, Models, Writers, Actor/Actresses, Produc
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NuSenze Ft. Tu B Tha Wiz & HeyMel-Make Her Dance
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Band/artist history
I am C.E.O. of Sound Pruf Inc. and an Artists as well. I dropped out of school @ 16 and started to take a real focus on my dream and love of music. Everyday My Boy's N I Cyphered,freestyled and messed around and i decided to get a multi track recording program and a little computer mic from there i began building my studio and got myself writing since i had been strictly freestyle since i moved back from CO. I began 2 get better and better at writing and re wording/puzzling verses together, switching up styles and as i worked on that i was also becoming a certified DJ from Scratch DJ Academy (South Beach) . I moved to MD from FL @ 19/20 and Dropped back into college as i was able to get my 1'st 11 credits as i got my GED.I am Currently a Business Major and Musical Engineering / Musical Composition Minor @ Montgomery College. I have been working on my company before i had any idea what i wanted to do since I started at the age of 11-12 writing and got signed to my 1st underground label @ 14; "Heart,Mind and Soul Records out of Boulder Colorado. I have been working on my lyricism since then and i believe in the lyrics telling a story and having meaning now a days people are looking for it all. I been working solo since i moved out of CO that same year and have been doing my own thing since then. I Created Sound Pruf Inc. so the Artists are free from Industry Lip Lock and keep artistic freedom but Still Gain Industry Competitive Revenue as well as giving chances to those individuals who have no opportunity but have amazing skill, intelligence and loyalty)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes SoCal (Southern Cali) Visit The NuSenze Web Pg www.soundprufinc.weebly.com/nusenze
Your musical influences
Notorious B.I.G, 2Pac, Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Big Punisher, Big L, Jay-Z, Eminem and Bone Thugs N Harmony for hip hop. I was also influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Areosmith, Korn, Incubus and many other bands I Love all music.
What equipment do you use?
Computer, The Programs, MIC, Digital equipment for the studio EQ,Master,Flanger,ETC and Headphones Pro Tools HD Mixcraft 6 Mixcraft 5 Serato and Virtual DJ FL 11 Axiom 61 Pro MIDI Axiom 61 MIDI KeyRig 49 MIDI Rhode Condenser Mic's Sure Dynamic Mic's. Numark MixTrack Pro Digital Tables Bose Speaker and Headphone System as Well as x2 Sub's M-Audio M Box Pro x2 M-Audio Fast Track Pro
Anything else?
Looking for talent of all kinds and EVERYONE WELCOME!! ARTISTS OF ALL KINDS. All Music, Film, Art, Dance, Modeling, Photography and more. If It's Music, Art's and Entertainment It's Sound Pruf Inc. Contact Me Via E-Mail and SPI Website NuSenze@Gmail.com & www.soundprufinc.weebly.com/nusenze
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"Cool" - Mac Miller Type Beat
Power (Comethazine x Lil Darkie Type Beat)