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A Beautiful Disaster aka April
Currently searching for musicians in my area in order to form a band
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Every Single Evening's Plot (electronic)
I am eager to present you the result of my latest collaboration with my fellow musician from St. Petersburg known as Badrak. He composed music for this piece of my poetry recorded earlier, and now occasional evening reflections go along with a tune!
Every Single Evening's Plot
Slight satire on the life of a solitary person
A Desperate City
Satire on people's everyday routine
Well, I'm not in a band yet, I'm currently working on my stuff with collaborators, and everything I do now is experimental, but participating in a songwriting Internet project is definitely in my plans for the future. I'm also searching for musicians in my area in order to form a band.
Band/artist history
When I form a band and have a little more experience, I'll describe everything in details and share this experience with you all!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
My target is to play live in rock clubs for a specific audience in future.
Your musical influences
Since I've changed my songwriting style completely, my influences are bands which play alternative music. Outstanding bands. Artists who are not afraid to spak loud and to express theit true thoughts and feelings with no censorship. And so do I. But life itself is and will always remain the main source of inspiration for me.
What equipment do you use?
Anything else?
All musicians who would like to collaborate with me on the matter of composing musical parts for my lyrics and participating in a songwriting project are welcome! You may see my lyrics here: http://april-abd.bravehost.com/Lyrics.htm
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