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Outta Control Pimp (OCP)
Outta Control Pimp (OCP)
4 Tracks
Outta Control Pimp
What Up
All I Need pt. 2
Peak in sub-genre #59
Ballin sh***
The life of Marquavias Hughes is one of struggle and hope. Born into a drug using home, Marquavias also known as C grew up at the bottom of world so to speak. "I was raised in a drug broken home." reminisces C "So I know how it feels to be broke, struggling and be an outcast. Just simply at the lowest point of life. It was a lot of things that I saw in my lifetime that has made me the man that I am today. I used to feel like it was a curse but now I understand I had to go through that to get stronger." Although C now constantly reminds himself of the troubles of his past, his music has been able to take him to new heights that he himself believes has made him into the artist he is today. " I went from doing music as a hobby to performing in little local area shows, to opening up for big name acts like Young Jeezy, Shawwna, Do or Die, Chopper Young City, Weebie, and Jody Breeze" says C "Its been going up ever since for me." Of course there are still the problems of the past that haunt him. With him getting wrapped up in the street life of drug dealing, he is now coming off a 10 year sentence with probation that now has him completely freed from the past. " At the time it was what I thought I had to do to live, to survive. But now I see that its time for a change. This music is my second chance at life. Its time to see what everyone has been missing in Midwest music. It doesnt matter where you come from, how big your city is or how bad your life was. Anyone can get caught up in a negative way. Even out here in Iowa." So with a new outlook in life, drama free, C seems to have his sights on bigger and better things. "I'm now with a management company, Seoul Sound Entertainment and Management and Rachel (the owner) has been working with me to get to that next level." That in opinion is an understatement. C is already getting ready to release a mixtape, a major promotional marketing launch as well as just locking down a single with two of the biggest artists out right now. "I can't say as of now who the collaboration is with but I can say is that I am on the right path and making all the right decisions and will show the music world you can't live with out C." It does seem that the world is indeed in need of a little C and with the way things are going you can expect to see a lot coming from this young man. "I have nothing left but to prove to everyone that I am the future in music. I just do music, thats it, its ma life!
Band/artist history
We were established this year. We both have been rappin for 10 plus years and we have known each other since 1st grade and just went our separate ways traveling living in different cities until this year. We bumped into each other after more then 5 years and ever since then we on our music grind.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do alot of live performances, I've been to KC, Omaha and alot of small towns in Iowa.
Your musical influences
Gangsta rap
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