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Cave Dragon
Cave Dragon
10 Tracks
The names Cave Dragon, CEO of Raise Cain Records, one half of the UK rap duo Dark Hawks.
Mass Collabo 2
Mass Collabo 1
Lone Ranger (Recording Warm Up)
Nose Out Of Joint
Your Name Is Mud
on a with including a fold out insert. to place your order. We may only be printing 50 or so, so make sure you get your copy! The Dark Hawks album has been printed and is available to purchase. My EP is 90% recorded and shall be finished within the month. Havn't had time to drop any tracks for a while, but planning to get back to recording once uni work settles down. Be on the look out for an exclusive short EP. Yeah things have been moving slow lately, but expect a whole bunch of new exclusive tracks coming very shortly. album release set for 01/07/05. The EP with producer has been on the drawing boards for a few years now and it's finally starting to take shape. All beats have been made and it shouldn't be too long before the EP is written. Look out for this one for end of summer release. (Current Tracklisting) All tracks produced by Solo album completely written and recording shall begin in June. & of , , , , & & All tracks produced by except: 03 produced by 04 produced by 06 produced by 09 produced by 11 produced by 14 produced by (Thistroke, Oracle Plus, Cave Dragon & Hauntid) (Beit Nun, Cave Dragon & Aberrant) (L Bars, Mista Websta, Creative, Demac, Aberrant, Biasi, Cave Dragon & Chon) (Cave Dragon, Thirstroke (Hook), Hydrofonik, Sixtie Six, Marl E. Dangerously & WIZ-Dom) (Deek Beeker, Thirstroke, Los Tha Don & Cave Dragon) (Cave Dragon, Menace (Hook), Simply D & OJB) (Simply D, Cave Dragon (Hook), Big G) (Stirlin, OJB, Demac, Leady, Redmond, Rural, Marl E. Dangerously, Badger, Ekliptic, Menace, Ani, Biasi, Pez, Cons, Beit Nun, Chon, Press1, Mi-Kwon, Adikt & Cave Dragon) (WIZ-Dom, Hydrofonik & Cave Dragon) (Undecided Emotions EP) (Undecided Emotions EP) (T.W.A.T.S. LP) (T.W.A.T.S. LP) (Co-Produced) (Co-Produced)
Band/artist history
First started writing around 1998/99. I met up with old primary school friend through work, who had been recording for quite some time, and was taught how to lay vocals down upon a track. From there on, was formed. It took a while to get to the level where I could confidently say "I can create listenable music", but finally (I think) I'm there.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
- performed at Salford Student Union with fellow MC, Marl E. Dangerously. - performed at 'The Attic' in Manchester with Marl. E Dangerously once again.
Your musical influences
Wu-Tang, ONYX and old soul music used to be my influences, but now I am influenced my musical artists that are in the same position as I am, making underground music that will probably never surface.
Anything else?
Check out my fam and cats that I'm working with or have worked with in the past. Also check out for a dope UK forum.
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