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Skullf***ing since 2006
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First full song written by the band.
Spawn of Humanity
One of the upcoming tracks from our Debut EP!
Band/artist history
Ardour. We’re all about Passion, Spirit, and making some kick-ass Metal. Formed under the previous alias, "The Merciless Dead", the band has begun to emerge as a new driving force in Heavy, straight-up passion filled Metal, staying true to our cause. We’ve a variety of influences throughout Metal and it’s many sub-genres, but fuck that, we’re here to make music we enjoy and to play as many fucking shows as we can physically take. And so, from a new era upon them and from truly finding themselves, "The Merciless Dead" has finally found it’s true identity in Ardour. Bring it the fuck on.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we play live. Our local venue is the Matrix club in Grimsby, but we're up for literally anywhere long as we get our petty paid for. We're currently scheduled on a national tour with Thrown to Belial and Ghosts over Japan, during late June. Look out for us!
Your musical influences
Chimaira Behemoth Kataklysm Job for a Cowboy Lamb of God At the Gates Whitechapel Pantera Beer Tits Randy Marsh And many, many more..
What equipment do you use?
ESP Guitars Washburn Guitars Ernie Ball Strings Dunlop Tortex Picks Line 6 Heads Marshall Cabs Pearl Export Pro Drums Sabian Cymbals Zildjian Cymbals Peavey Mics
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