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Malevolent Militia
Malevolent Militia
1 Track
horrorcore, hardcore rap, gangsta rap, gangster rap, acid rap, wicked shit, malevolent shit, evil shit....
Malevolent Militia is a crossbreed of horrorcore and gangsta rap. We've been in the game for a while, but are still unknown and underrated. Don't sleep on this shit!
Band/artist history
SicKarma has been in the game for about 8 years. SicK used to be in a group known as Coffinbound and dropped some solo shit under the name MC Cain. Niketiene broke into the game back in 2002 ,and later formed the group "Malevolence" with SicKarma. We dropped a few albums(Rapjitsu,Tha Great White Rappaz).Then we became Malevolent Militia an then dropped The Draft. E-makulate has been around sence tha Malevolence era.But has stepped up,an got hardcore bout this shit.Trigga has been around for about 3 years,but bcuz of personal reasons he will only be making apperences here an there. We have a new album in the works and will be working on some side projects with some of the homies.Old an new!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We've done numerous shows in columbus,chillicothie,hillsboro, xenia ohio.Love to perform live,anytyme we get on stage its a fuckin special moment..
Your musical influences
Skeptic,LU Cipha, Sycksyde, 3SE, Bob E. Nite, DJ Shy One, Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Blaze, R.O.C., Suicide Kings, Donnie Darko, Insane Poetry, Jedi Mind Tricks, H.O.K., Tech N9ne and the Strange Music crew, Menacide, Necro, Ill Bill, Haystak, 2Pac, Dr. Dre, Big Snoop Dogg, Esham, Natas, Kottonmouth Kings and the Subnoize crew, Cypress Hill, Bedlam, Prozak, Project: Deadman, Mike E. Clark, Dark Lotus, Psychopathic Rydas, The Psycho Realm, Onyx, Q-Strange, Level Jumpers, Halfbreed, drugs, alcohol, pussy, Bloodshot, Brotha Lynch Hung and Siccmade, Simken Heights, Lavel, Rottin, Fury, $woop, Syko Sain, CrakD, Ice-Pic, V Sinizter, Cap One, TBMA, Seperated at Birth, Mars, Marz, Sadist, Castro the Savage, Gravediggaz, King Gordy, and any other ill rappers I forgot to mention.
What equipment do you use?
Reason, Acid , ....
Anything else?