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Irp Snerple The Pleiadian Dragon Lion
Irp Snerple The Pleiadian Dragon Lion
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Un-categorize-able Creativity of music at it's best, musical genius, Cosmic Consciousness, Universal Mind's Eye, Kick Ass and Smooth Grooves, etc.
Irp Snerple, Pleiadian Dragon Lion - LIVE @ M-65
I am the band. The writer, arranger, performance artist. Singer/songwriter Solo Artist / Extreme Performer No Performance Enhancing Needed!!!! can also be found at http://irpsnerple.com http://sclkssl.ssl.hwcdn.net/87/images/i/band/irpsnerpletherabblerousingpleiadiandragonlion.jpg?version=154
Band/artist history
The Band is actually IMAGINARY. It exists within the ether and the void within my mind. lol. So the history is, was and will be any and all events which happen to me,,,, happened, happening and will happen.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I haven't played out anywhere in almost a year, but I had been doing mostly open Mic's in the Providence, Rhode Island area. It was enough to get my name back into the music scene, and show my talent and inspired many local artists to not give up and to "Keep on Jamming!"
Your musical influences
Beatles, Hendrix, Floyd, Etc. you know the whole gambit of music from all genres.
What equipment do you use?
My recordings were made on a Boss BR1180 Digital (portable home unit) Best "machine" I've ever used. Most user friendly too. The instruments ranged from a Strat, to many acoustic brands, and sure Mic's.
Anything else?
WAVE ON , WAVE ON , BROTHERS AND SISTERS (of the Universe) PLAY ON , PLAY ON , all musicians and creative geniuses