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Christian and the Cool Cats
Kids stuff
32 songs
6.4K plays
How Great is Our God
Live recording New Life Worship team with Jessi on drums may 18 2013
This song is all Christian he wrote it-sings it and plays the keyboards on it
Girl your like a Fruit Pie
6 Years old when recorded
Dancing is Cool (CBC Disco Challenge)
Track for CBC Challenge 7 Years old when recorded
Sometimes I'm Happy...
6 Years old when recorded
4 songs
Jessi,Jeremiah and James at Band together for kids
This page is for music made by or including my family Christian and the cool cats songs recorded between 2008-2011
Band/artist history
Songs recorded by my kids when they were younger
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes Jessi and Christian have performed live many times over the years
Your musical influences
From the Ct Post:2008 Jessi attended Camp Jam in Fairfield,Ct. Camp Jam a new spin on band practice TONY SPINELLI From left; Jessi Sacco, 12 of West Haven, Kevin Wandelear, 12 of Milford, Harrison Watters, 13 of Easton, and Chris Gladitsch, 13 of Westport, rock out during their Camp Jam band rehearsal at Fairfield University's Quick Center on Thursday. (Brian A. Pounds/Staff photographer ) FAIRFIELD ï Liberty DeVitto bent over to sign the white plastic pickguard of a Fender Stratocaster guitar that a 12-year-old boy held out. The signature was big and fanciful; DeVitto, after all, had a lot of practice signing autographs as pop superstar Billy Joel's drummer for 30 years. "I started playing drums when I was 13, the same age as the kids at these camps," said DeVitto, 58, of Brooklyn, N.Y., who gave a master class in rock drumming Thursday at Camp Jam, a summer camp for aspiring young rockers, at Fairfield University. DeVitto described himself as having been a boy with thick glasses who wanted to meet girls, and ï after having seen the Beatles on "Ed Sullivan" in 1964 ï knew that rock n' roll would be the answer. "It's fun to see the reaction of these kids when they see you play and realize it's not brain surgery. Just play music: Just make music," DeVitto said. And don't forget to connect emotionally. It is like being an actor, he told 120 youngsters gathered in the Quick Center at the university. "You have to become emotionally involved in the song; what the song is about," DeVitto said. The youngsters' parents' paid $599 to enroll them in the rock n' roll camp for a week. Many of them had never played with anyone else, said camp director Grant Ossendryver of Danbury. "The kids are playing with other kids for the very first time and it is such a beautiful theater. So they are really performing with lights and arena sound Advertisement and audio, the best-case scenario you could have. It's a great learning experience," he said. Will Scharnberg, of Norfolk, and Aaron Burleson, of Glastonbury, both 11, said they had been playing guitars since they were each 7. But they had never played with other kids in a band until Camp Jam. Their band: "Schwarzenegger and the Terminators." "It's great to play with a band. There's nobody in my town to play with," said Scharnberg. "I finally get to play in a band and we get along." "It's great," Burleson said. Camp Jam began in Atlanta in 2004 and has expanded to 15 cities across North America. For more information, visit campjam.com.
What equipment do you use?
Gretsch Drums Fender Guitars Epiphone bass Yamaha keys
Anything else?
Summer Guitar Workshop 2007 A 3-week guitar workshop will be held again this summer during the month of August at the Milford Fine Arts Council's Center for the Arts, 40 Railroad Avenue South, Milford, CT. The workshop runs for 3 weeks, 4 days a week, culminating in a student recital for friends and family. Classes are divided into two age groups, 9-12 years and 13-18+ years, making some allowance for beginners with no musical experience and students with previous knowledge of guitar or musical training. All levels are welcome. Approximately 10 students will be allowed per class. The program covers Fundamentals of Guitar Playing and Musical Notation, and Performance Skills with Musical Games. Guitar instruction illustrates fundamental right and left hand technique for finger-styl INVALID guitar playing as applied to classical guitar. Music notation covers the basics components of music: rhythm, melody and harmony, as well as reading music notation as applied to the guitar. Instruction will benefit aspiring guitarists with little or no experience, regardless of musical background or preference. Instructors for the workshop, are the internationally acclaimed performer/instructors Cem Duruöz (www.duruoz.com ) and James Baird (www.bairdguitar.com ).
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