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Abyss Battles
Abyss Battles
2 Tracks
Rd.2 vs Algorythm- (the exposed version)
Peak in sub-genre #45
Rd.1 vs MC Shadow
Peak in sub-genre #55
triple black belt in emcee decapitation i dont know why the fuck it says im from Manchester NH, but i tried fixing that,,,,,im from Boston god damn it......home of the lyrical beasts that feast on the lesser fortunate emcees that brag about their money and rap underneath horrible crunk beats and think that real hip hop is found on a radio station......understand that i live this shit, been doing this shit for about 10 years. I mix my own shit, i record my own shit, i promote my own shit and COMPLETELY write my own shit. I make beats but im not the greatest at it but other cats seem to really like my beats, but enough about me......lets talk about your girlfriends ass
Band/artist history
My history is way too extensive to just type it out here.....lets put it this way.....ive went through allot of struggles in my life and dealt with shit that most people would of slit their wrists about......Ive made it through it and now im a successful business owner achieving my dreams now......rap is just my expression.......Believe me i dont think im better than anyone else, but i have put in countless amount of hours and dedication in my music so thats my history.....
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have done 6 shows around Boston, im trying to get more but dudes dont want me to fucken outshine em on stage and get all jellous so my shit gets canceled when they know where im lyrically at.....its happened twice and the promoters actually told me thats the reason.....so at this point i need to spit with cats that are more experienced so we can all get paid and laid....fuckers
Your musical influences
theres not enough room for that.....
What equipment do you use?
Adobe Audition 2.0, M-audio audio interface, MXL condenser mic....etc. I recently built a booth out of my closet.....so that helped allot qualitywise....
Anything else?
I am the shit.....lick my bottom shoestring if you think your fucking with me