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Wolverine (Holland)
Wolverine (Holland)
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Wolverine, a dutch metal band from Alkmaar, The band was active in 1986 - 1992.
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Wolverine was a 5 man Heavy Metal band from Holland and was active from 1986 until 1992. They did a lot of gigs and became 2nd in a bandcompetition which resulted in a mini-cd containing 4 songs, it came out in 1990.
Band/artist history
History of metal band Wolverine. 1984. Guitarist André van de Leijgraaf joined a metal coverband in Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands. This band is called "Damnation" and plays primarily covers from Judas Priest and some early Metallica songs. 1985. Guitarist Wil van de Leijgraaf joined "Damnation". 1986. After a few line-up changes "Damnation" ceases to exist. Wil and André met Nick from Portland, Oregon and Nick becomes the new vocalist. Drummer Rob Dijkstra and Bass player Arwin Vergers joined short after and Nick proposes a new name: "Wolverine" opened her eyes... 1987. Wolverine 'on tour' with Dutch bands Defender and Revelation. Early 1988. Rob Dijkstra and Arwin Vergers are leaving Wolverine to play in a metal band called Angus. Nick is getting married and goes back to America. Wolverine is "back to the main menu" with only two guitarists who are also grumbling about everbody's leaving the "rotting apples". 1988. Wil and André asked "LWS" bass player René Schreuder, drummer Ronald van Eldijk and vocalist John Heijdelberger to join Wolverine and within an few months Wolverine was on stage again... 1989. John Heidelberger leaves Wolverine and joins another band. Vocalist Patrick Möls takes his place and Wolverine joins a contest with 109 competiting bands from the Netherlands. Wolverine ends in second place in the final heat that takes place in "De Melkweg" in Amsterdam. The prize is a few days in a recording studio and Wolverine decides to put four songs on compact disc. 1990. Wolverine releases the 4-track CD and sells about 600 CD's in different countrys all over the world. 1991. Wolverine 'on tour' in the Netherlands. Wolverine also received 'finally?' an order from Sweden for more CD's. However, everybody in the band agrees that the metal scene was bleeding and Wolverine decides to stop with the gigs and stops writing new songs. Vocalist Patrick Mols moves to Spain and became drummer in metal band Metempsychosis in Barcelona 1992. Wolverine still exists as a sunday-afternoon 'killing the time' club as Ronald van Eldijk and André van de Leijgraaf are forming a new band called 'Outcast', that still exists. In the end of 1992 Wolverine closes her eyes...
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Judas Priest, Metal Church, Iron Maiden, Overkill, Metallica, Anthrax, Saxon, Motörhead, Queensrÿche, Megadeth, Fates Warning, Helloween, etc.
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