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Young Fin
Young Fin
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Young Fin Sharp As That Fin Yall Are Now Witnessing One Of The Insaneness Mothaf***as Straight From Tha Lou
Aye this is Young Fin & y'all can check out my main official sites here that on: Also check out & listen & download all my free demos/mixtapes here @ Datpiff link below: also if you want to hit me up, you can get me @ FizzleMusicEnt@gmail.com
Band/artist history
Music Beginnings Fin became real instructed in listening to hip hop music as a child but never thought of rapping until his teens. In November 2004, Fin began writing raps after a competition he had with an old friend and began expressing himself in his music. Around 2006, after writing for about some time, Fin decided he wanted to record music. He would then try to record music with other rappers he knew but turned out to be problems as time went by. Fin would still continue on writing raps and start recording off a tape player with a headset microphone that he began using since 2006 throughout 2011 of all of his recordings before switching to a quality microphone. He then made his first unreleased demo tape on a tape recorder when turning 17 in the summer. Around that time Fin decided to look for a recording studio and started to record music in a local recording studio in St. Louis. After being frustrated and just needed more time to develop his own sound, Fin decided to record his music at home, thanks to one of his rivals friends that told him about a free demo recording software, so Fin would start recording music at home making his own covers and putting out free demos by using free promotional beats but with no proper mixing of any recordings he made. In the summer of 2011, Fin began learning on how to mix his own tracks properly for future projects. After recording music at home he decided to put his music out on the internet in 2007, starting off on SoundClick before renewing it in 2008 and would get on other sites like MySpace and YouTube to start posting up more music and videos. Also in the beginning of 2008, Fin started publishing beats from a friend who's a producer for a project he began working on since 2009 and release it for free in December 4th, 2012. As of April 2013 after releasing his last mixtape as Young Fin, he would go on continuing releasing mixtapes under the name FIN in 2014 (but still remain as Young Fin on his official sites) and for other recording projects under his print Fizzle Music.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Nah, I would like to perform but not now
Your musical influences
Eminem, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, & Tech N9ne
What equipment do you use?
Computer/Laptop, headphones, pen/paper, Mixcraft 2/3, 2 different Headset Microphones , Blue Microphones (Snowball/Yeti), BIG home made Recording Booth
Anything else?
Discography: Albums: (Dec 4th, 2012) Demos: "Just Hear Me Out" (July 2007) "Do Yo Thang" (Aug 2007) "Tell 'Em Fin" (June 2008) "Da Business" (Sept 2008) "Da Dark St. Louis" (Oct 31st, 2009) Mixtapes: (Aug 20th, 2010) (Jan 28th, 2011) (March 11th, 2011) (June 11th, 2011) (Sept 30th, 2011) (Oct 27th, 2011) (Nov 25th, 2011) (Dec 23rd, 2011) (May 12th, 2012) (Nov 23rd, 2012) (Dec 21st, 2012) (Apr 30th, 2013) (Sept 30th, 2014) External links:
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