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O Som Do Jazz
O Som Do Jazz
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Brazilian band performing bossa nova, samba-jazz and MPB (the popular music of Brazil) based in St. Petersburg, Florida.
O Som Do Jazz compilation
O Som Do Jazz is a Brazilian band based in St. Petersburg, Florida. The group feature the vocals of Andrea, a Rio de Janeiro native, performing bossa nova, MPB, samba-jazz, and groove.
Band/artist history
O Som Do Jazz started in Florida with the team of David and Andrea Manson. Andrea came to the U.S. from Rio de Janeiro and married her trombonist/composer husband. They were only married a few months when David heard Andrea singing at home and wondered, Why dont we form a band to perform Bossa Nova? Time went by as other projects came first, but eventually they connected with musicians skilled in Brazilian music. The band was up and running! O Som Do Jazz has performed at the Pensacola JazzFest, Salvador Dali Museum, Historic Asolo Theatre, Jazz Brasil, Brasil Arts Festival, Selby Gardens, Latin American Celebration and at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, among others. O Som Do Jazz has deeply explored Brazilian music focusing on the Bossa Nova known in Brazil, rather than the exported versions that came to the U.S. The group also performs the cousins of Bossa Bova, including the Bahian-flavored music of Baden Powell and MPB (popular music of Brazil). A common love of jazz has resulted in improvisation, but always in moderation to balance the song forms. Andreas voice has a naturalness and ease heard rarely today. Free of clichés and affected style, her voice is gorgeous and real. With a degree in architecture, Andrea had no professional singing experience before joining O Som do Jazz, but she grew up with music. Andrea says, "When I was a little girl, my parents had a large group of friends that had lots of parties. In almost all of them Uncle Wilson went to the piano and played all those songs. I did not realize that I knew them so well until David talked me into singing." This once-reluctant singer has made a strong impression on those who love Bossa Nova. "Infinita Bossa" was the first release. The composers on this CD represent some of the greatest songwriters of the 20th c. Besides the genius of Tom Jobim, we find music by Luiz Bonfá, Baden Powell, Carlos Lyra, Djavan, Edu Lobo, Sergio Mendes, Pedro Caetano, Antonio Carlos, Jocafi and Marcos Valle. On six selections we have the lyrics of Vinícius de Moraes, the Poet Laureate of Brazilian music. "A Kiss for Rio" was released in 2013 and contains 9 original songs plus three Brazilian standards. Six of the original songs were picked up by a licensing company in L.A. that provides music for film and T.V. and two songs were used in HBO's series "Looking" in 2014. The group continues to bring Brazilian music to audiences in Florida and beyond!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have performed at the Salvador Dali Museum (very surreal), Historic Asolo Theatre, Pensacola Jazz Fest, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center and elsewhere.
Your musical influences
Our influences include the great Brazilian artists including: Djavan, Tom Jobim, Sergio Mendes, Edu Lobo, Baden Powell, Carlos Lyra, Marcos Valle, Jorge Ben, Joao Donato, Ivan Lins & Toquinho.