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Sunny Kim
Sunny Kim
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Songwriter, singer, acoustic guitar, openmikes.org, myspace.com/heb6v10, open mic, Christian
God bless you and thank you for visiting. God is the sole purpose of life. God saved me from the gutter about 5 years ago just by surrendering to God and asking to show me who He is. Grateful to God for miraculously tranforming my life. Devoted to God and love to sing to our King of kings and Lord of lords. With no musical background other than singing mostly when I was alone, especially in the bathroom, car, anywhere. My mother said as a child I would hear a song once and be able to sing it. Singing ever since. The vocal exercises God used to teach me high notes notes were from crying so hard on my knees in the bathroom scared to death, reaching piercing high pitches sourced from the depth of pain and dispair. Rom 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Jesus introduced Himself to me through television and radio. God blessed me first with the gift of faith. As a child watching movies and hearing about Jesus from Pastors Jay Vernon McGhee and Pastor Chuck Smith (God used KROQ to guide me to 107.9FM) God used television and radio to teach me vocal lesson. God bless all the entertainment industry with His perfect will and plan as He's used them all so mightily to bless so many in Jesus' name I pray. Amen. Love and appreciate all styles of music. Since coming to the blessed land of the United States of America in 1972 at 4 and a half always making up songs, especially to Jesus even though I was not yet a born again Christian. Jesus was always my friend. I just wasn't His friend. As an adult I was too embarrassed to call myself a Christians because of my lifestyle of substance abuse. But continually prayed to Jesus. Broken person from all the abuses I chose to put myself through. Not making rational decisions on anything. As a birthday present, asked my mother if I could have a guitar and she said yes. She and I both laughed because I didn't know anything about guitar or music except listening and singing for enjoyment. Nothing surprised my mother at this point. She was a godly Christian mother praying for God's deliverances and salvation for me. God bless my mother and father. Bought my first guitar Fender Stagemaster Electric guitar in 2001, at the age of 33, from Sam Ash in Ontario Mills Mall. Bought my second guitar, Yamaha Acoustic steel string guitar in 2002 at the age of 34 from Costco. Bought CD software called Teach Yourself How to Play Guitar by Alfred Publishin (great software program, but didn't have the motivation to learn the software. Tried again in 2002 a few times but still wasn't ready to commit to practicing) My life was a mess, moved back in with my parents. Didn't leave the house much. Prayed a lot but never really read the Bible and I didn't go to church. Waiting to die. One day God put on my heart to go to church and He had me tell my mother. She took me to First Baptist Church Of Riverside in February right around Valentines Day, Pastor John Lutz. My mother had been faithfully praying for me for 2 years loving me regardless of my substance abuse and homosexual lifestyle. She loved me with God's love, exercising wisdom, knowledge and discernment not giving into manipulation or arguments. God had miraculously transformed my mother's life and God used her testimony to draw me close to His heart through Jesus Christ. God ministered to me through His anointed teaching of the Holy Bible through Pastor John Lutz (God bless Pastor John Lutz, his family and First Baptist Church of Riverside). Couldn't stop crying, it was long welcoming release I desperately needed. Joined choir, Pastor John made an announcement there was still time to sing for Easter Service. During choir practice on April 23, 2003. A beautiful godly woman named Melba asked me if I had Jesus in my heart. I told her Yes, I think so. She asked me if I wanted to make sure. I told her yes. She asked me if her husband John could share what this means, pray for me and give me a Bible. I said "Yes, can I bring my friends that I came with?" and she said "yes of course." John explained the Bible to us that we are all sinners and that Jesus came to die for our sins and that only by believing in Jesus, asking Him to forgive us and come into our hearts to be our own personal Lord and Savior then only we are saved, born again. We all accepted the Lord into our hearts. John prayed for us. After Jesus Christ saved my life He blessed me with a sudden urge to start learning how to play the guitar with the Teach Yourself How To Play Guitar Software Alfred Publishing. Started learning note reading. Played with enthusiam. Chords were too challenging and didn't try to pursue it, it hurt too much. Easter Sunday God blessed His choir. My father came to church with me. This was the only time. God is amazing. My father was not a Christian at that time. Halleluiah! Praise God. Our God is an awesome God. Got too busy going to church and reading the Bible didn't have much time for the guitar, played from time to time. God gave me a great desire and always kept praying in my heart "LORD I want about playing the guitar that He would teach me one day. So I never gave up believing in Him. Started walking around with my guitar backpack case with the Billy Graham Crusade (only saw Billy Graham once on television before I was a Christian on the Peter Jennings show, God touched me through Pastor Billy Graham) bumber sticker sewed on my guitar case. People would ask me to play the guitar. I told them "I don't know how to play the guitar." They asked me "Why are you carrying your guitar around" and I told them, "Jesus is going to teach me how to play the guitar." I was saying this in faith, I didn't really know if Jesus was but I believed He was going to or why else did I have 2 guitars. Oct 22-24, 2004 mission trip to San Francisco. A sister in Christ on fire for Jesus was talking about how much she loves Jesus and loves singing and playing guitar, writing music and plays for Jesus. God stirred my heart. Started praying to the LORD to forgive me for my covetous heart and asked Him "LORD please teach me how to play the guitar and use me to write song that bless You LORD if it is His will." Oct 24, 2003 home from the mission trip, cried out to God. God heard and answered. God blessed me to play the guitar and sing from the book Worship Together.com. Soon afterwards started sitting outside stores, just anywhere felt led by God and started singing to God. God would divinely bring people and open opportunities to share His truth. In the Fall of 2005 started attending Orange Coast College (OCC) Basic Guitar class with Richard Glenn (4 semesters), Dave Murdy Studio Guitar (1 semester), Dana Wheaton Jazz Ensemble (3 semesters), Theresa DeJong Pombo Piano (1 semester), Kristen Ko Music Theory (1 semester), Nadia Smelser Voice (4 semesters), Amelie Hunter Modern Dance (3 semesters), Kari Thompson HipHop (1 semester). 2005 sing with guitar at Venice Beach strand ministering the love of Christ from about 10PM-2AM. 2006 started singing at Open Mics, 1) Alta Cafe in Newport Beach Tuesdays 2) Gypsy Den in Santa Ana Mondays & Thursdays 3) Sol Restaurant Newport Beach Wednesdays Sam Ash Cerritos (2007, awesome place for entire bands to play as much as you want, if you give them advance notice they will help advertise for you and give you flyers to pass out) 2007 started singing on Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood Blvd (front of Chinese Theatre), 3rd Street Promenade 2008 serious flu season, sick in bed for 2 and half weeks, kept relapsing. Too late to sign up for school this semester. God gave me a word to start doing open mics again. Prayed for several months. This was the open door since the door to school was closed. Prayed for God's will & guidance. God led me to openmikes.org again. These are the open mics I've played live at and they are all wonderful establishments and a great opportunity to share your gifts in front of supportive artists and audiences: 1) Romancing The Bean Burbank Tuesdays 2) The Healthy Bean West Hollywood selected Sundays 3) Canter's Kibbitz Room Los Angeles Sundays 4) House Of Blues Downtown Disney Anaheim Tuesdays 5) Cafe Audrey Hollywood Fridays 6) Pig N Whistle Hollywood Wednesdays 7) Mirage Cafe Long Beach Fridays Please come support & share your gifts at Open Mic. Looking forward to meeting you: openmikes.org/calendar/ca Please come to Poiema Christian Fellowship: Poiema Christian Fellowship 2 different locations poiemaemail@aol.com Poiema Christian Fellowship Sundays 10 AM Murdy Community Center 7000 Norma Drive Huntington Beach, CA 92647 Major cross streets are Goldenwest & Warner We're behind the park & Stater Bros mall 7:30pm on Tuesdays & Thursdays 9065 Adams Ave. HB, CA 92646 Corner of Magnolia and Adams Strip Mall: Goodwill, Crown Ace Hardware, Ray Fico's Sewing Machine Repair, Zubie's Drydock... Please park in the front of the mall, walk through the corridor next to Zubie's, turn right at the end of the building, turn right again, our church is on the other side of Zubies in the corridor, our entrance is in the rear parking lot. enter in the second door on the right. 1) Sundays 10AM You are invited Murdy Community Center 2) Tuesdays 7:30pm Poiema Christian Fellowship 9065 Adams Ave, HB CA 92646 3) Thursdays 7:30PM Poiema 9065 Adams Ave, HB CA 92646 www.myspace.com/odenfong www.myspace.com/samanthafong www.myspace.com/coveringwings www.myspace.com/pedrobuford
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Lead worship for children's ministry Wednesdays at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa 3800 S. Fairview Rd Santa Ana, CA 92704 J Walk ministry lead worship for children's ministry Mondays Ruth Smith's woman's home Bible study Thursdays Angelica's children's Bible study Saturdays Lead worship for Neil Fieri's Bible study Sea Cliff Health care 18811 Florida Street Huntington Beach, CA 92648 2 home Bible studies & Sea Cliff Health care in HB.
Your musical influences
Oden Fong myspace.com/odenfong, Poiema Worship Band, Mustard Seed Faith, Pedro Buford myspace.com/pedrobuford, Raymond Hart, Two Or More, Bob Benton, Phil Wickham, Third Day, Scott Cunningham, Holland Davis, Danny Donnelly, Love Song, Chuck Girard, Richie Furay, Santos, Smithfield, Kathy Gibson, Grand Prize, Selah, Crystal Lewis, Sherry Youngward, Mercy Me, Jeremy Camp, Delirious, Sonic Flood, Nicole C. Mullen, Brenton Brown, Randy Travis, Philips Dean Craig, Salvador, Paul Coleman Trio, Keith Green, Caedmans Call, Jars Of Clay, Plus One, television, radio, movies, concerts at the Great Western Forum (1977-1989?)
What equipment do you use?
Robert Taylor Acoustic Electric Guitar from Guitar Center in Brea, Breedlove Gig bag, Levi leather strap, The Intellitouch Tuner by Onboard Research Corp., Elixir Medium gage strings, Jim Dunlop Nylon .73mm guitar pic.