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Federico Angelini
Federico Angelini
2 Tracks
Federico Angelini - L'Acrobata
Peak in sub-genre #40
Federico Angelini - Walk away
Peak in sub-genre #90
Hi!!! I'm Federico, I'm 22... I am singer and I write my own lyrics and also music but I never recorded any song of mine... I havent got a real microphone or something to rec my songs,,, I use the micro of my computer and the quality is very bad. I rec many covers, and here you can hear many of them. I'm looking for someone interested in my voice and for someone who can let me rec just one demo... Hope I'm going to find him!!! :)
Band/artist history
I started singing at 17 at a contest to partecipate to Sanremo. I won but I couldn't go forward cos I hadnt enough money. Then I started studying dancing and jazz music, started writing my own lyrics and music and won many contests, but never recorded any song of mine. Now I study medicine in Bologna and Homeopathy in Firenze, dancing and singing in Bologna and hope I'll be able to find someone interested in my skills.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Always play live, many contests and in a show in Bologna, in a theatre, in June where I am going to dance and sing
Your musical influences
My family helped me in lerning music: I grew up hearing classical musica and studying piano. I also listened to rock music (led zeppelin), and other kinds of music (santana for instance). I know italian music "thanks" :) to my mom: Baglioni, Zero, Mina, Paoli, Spagna, Vanoni, Battisti, Ruggero...) and modern pop-rock music thanx to my sister (Carmen Consoli, Elisa, Skunk Anansie, Bluvertigo, Venuti, Turci, Gazzè...). I like very pop music (Ferro, Spears, Madonna, Tatangelo... mi dispiace!!!) but I also like jazz music that I started listening after studying with my music teacher Claudia C.!!
What equipment do you use?
I'd like to have one
Anything else?