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Solar Synthesis
Solar Synthesis is an upcoming producer from the south of Sweden, focusing solely on trance music and its subgenres. The musical style is epic and uplifting and
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Eclipse (Original Mix).mp3
Note that this is a 128kbps version because of the size limit on the site, a 320kbps version is available for download on my Soundcloud page.
Twisted Universe (Original Mix)
I'm proud to present Twisted Universe, which I've been working hard on during the last few weeks. It's an epic and driving trance track with the typical sound of Solar Synthesis that you can expect. Available for HQ download at Soundcloud.
Alpha Cygni (Original Mix)
Last track of 2010. Better quality (320 kbps) can be downloaded from my Soundcloud page, it is strongly recommended! Stay tranced! :)
Ephemeral (Original Mix)
New track release in winter 2010. This song is about the small things in life, the momentary and resplendent. The track is categorized as epic and uplifting, but also driving and solid. It's free to download and share. Enjoy the trance!
Altered Visions
An epic track with sweet choir-inspired pads and lots of nasty synth leads. Definitely a must listen.
Solar Synthesis - Alpha Cygni (Original Mix)
Solar Synthesis is a solo project consisting of Björn Norberg, located in the very south of Sweden. The music can be described as epic and uplifting with euphoric pads accompanied by melodic synth leads. The music is influenced, and very much inspired by our Universe and its evolution in time as well as ourselves as human beings in this vast world.
Band/artist history
Solar Synthesis is a solo music project consisting of one artist, Björn Norberg, who was born in Gnosjö, Sweden in the year 1985. His first contact with music creation came with Dance Ejay back in the 90's, a drag-and-drop software consisting of loops that one put together to create full length structures and melodies. This was very limited, and with a growing interest of music creation there was only disappointment since there was no ability to experiment further. It all started for real when he acquired a software called Fruityloops 3 back in 2004. As a DAW (digital audio workstation), this was more flexible and gave room for experimenting with sounds. After a year of experimenting, a first album was finished featuring full length trance music and a relaxing piece called 'Reveries'. No songs really stood out and made that well, except 'Faith', which promised everyone that Solar Synthesis had potential to become an artist to look forward to. Faith had a great progression and a lovely melody that brought Solar Synthesis to life amongst fellow artists online. Faith had several remixes out in a near future. In the next two years, the techniques advanced and the productions became more solid after more intense studies in music theory. With 'Duality' and 'Voyager', he climbed up the charts quickly and got featured on several dj mixes and got recognized on various artistic communities due to his interest in the digital arts. At the time, he had acquired a midi-controller with the aim to learn to play the keys. Digital drawings and various artworks were published as a mean to further grow as an artist, and to get a wider perspective on what it really means. Following productions continued to become popular, most notable 'Altered Visions" that was released on the Zen exhibition at the artistic collective EvokeOne in 2008. The next 2,5 years was a state of hibernation until productions started again in winter 2010. Recent productions are categorized as epic and uplifting with euphoric pads accompanied by melodic synth leads. The music is influenced, and very much inspired by our Universe and its evolution in time, as well as ourselves as human beings in this vast world. To be continued...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, I don't play live (For one thing, I am not very fond of being put in the center of attention)
Your musical influences
I would say that the vast universe that we live in itself is a great influence. This is where I get most of my inspiration from. Other than that, there are so many talented artists already out there that very few know exists that are also very inspiring for me.
What equipment do you use?
FL Studio 8 Producer Edition, Wavelab 6, M-Audio KeyRig 49 Midi-controller, T-RackS, A bunch of software synthesizers (nice!)
Anything else?
Drink forget to drink water, it's important to be well hydrated. That's all.
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