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Stan Anderson
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A Real Superstar
Stan Anderson performing "A Real Superstar" written by Stan Anderson, Alvin Ray Kessinger, and Jerry Mac. Promoted by Jerry Mac.
Stan Anderson - Don't Buy the Big Lie
Shedding light on exaggerations about the COVIID story
Bobbie and Me (Written by Jerry Mac, Alvin Ray Kes
Stan Andersin performing another songwriting collaboration between Jerry Mac, Alvin Ray Kessinger, and Stan Anderson.
Stan Anderson performing a song, "Twice", written by Stan Anderson and Jerry Mac. Promoted by Jerry Mac.
Wish We Could Bring Em Back
Stan Anderson sings a song written by Stan Anderson, Alvin Ray Kessinger, and Jerry Mac. Promoted by Jerry Mac.
13 songs
The Mark
Sometimes it's just me and my computer, with me switching off on guitar and electronic keyboard. At other times, there is someone else who plays rhythm guitar and sings. On my recordings, I have been playing or programming my own backup tracks since about 1990. It is nice having my own studio, because sometimes I also produce recordings for other artists, and play or program backup tracks for those who live too far away to record at my studio. I hope to record some more new songs in the near future. I sincerely thank all the DJ's overseas and on the Internet who have been supporting me and other independent artists in a world where major mainstream airplay is getting harder to find without a major label promoting your music. I have some great memories from my years in this business. In 1975, just months before I moved to Canada, I spent some time on the road as lead guitarist for Becki Bluefield. Some of the great songs she has written or co-written over the years include Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man (Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn), Duty, Not Desire (Jeannie C. Riley), and her patriotic America Will Always Stand (Randy Travis, 2001). Canadian fans will remember a lady I worked with in 1976, the late great Marg Osburne. Marg was one of the stars of Don Messer's Jubilee, one of the most popular TV shows in Canadian history. The Jubilee was said to be the only show on television with higher ratings at the time than Hockey Night in Canada, and was on the air until Don Messer's passing in 1973. In 2007 I had two career highlights. October 19 I opened an Edmonton concert for Canadian troubador Fred Eaglesmith, and on November 24 I played lead guitar behind one of my longtime inspirations, Jack Greene, at his concert at the Rainbow Corral in Wetaskiwin.
Band/artist history
In the early days of my career, before my singing and songwriting progressed to a professional level, I played lead guitar with several bands in Mississippi, and eventually worked with some Nashville acts as well, including one club gig in Virginia with Penny DeHaven, eventually doing a tour with singer-songwriter Becki Bluefield just months before I went on my own and moved to Canada, where I have lived and performed ever since. The best known Canadian singer I played guitar for was the late Marg Osburne of Don Messer's Jubilee Fame. In more recent years, I have worked mostly single and duo, occasionally doing a freelance gig here and there with a band, as well as some busking. On November 24, 2007, I played lead guitar in concert with one of my longtime favorites, Grand Ole Opry legend Jack Greene, whose early hits include There Goes My Everything and Statue of a Fool.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love playing, everything from honky-tonks to concerts, to Gospel shows and Cowboy Churches.
Your musical influences
Merle Haggard, Ernest Tubb, Hank Snow, Elvis Presley, Bill Gaither, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Buck Owens, Jim Reeves, Willie & Waylon, Ricky Skaggs, Ian Tyson, and Jack Greene
What equipment do you use?
Casio PG-380 guitar synthesizer, laptop computer, Roland and Yamaha sound module(s) and keyboard(s).
Anything else?
My song "Politically Incorrect Redneck" is pretty much a look at the real me, or at least some things about me that I am proudest of.
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Wow! I love your song, Twice; Ron
I am so Glad that Jerry Mac turned this poem into a song!! Stan... Perfect music to go with these Lyrics and Your sweet Vocals completes it beautifully! I Love this!
PS: My first car was a 1954 Ford
Your song is uplifting and alive; thank you Stan
wow stan what a beautiful voice you have...hello my name is Pastor Cody Blake and I really love your sound..I have 4 new tunes here please stop by and have a listen..God Bless..PCB..feel free to let me know what you think..
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