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B-rad Whyte Souljah
B-rad Whyte Souljah
6 Tracks
Whyte Souljah Souljah boy B-rad rap hip hop r&b battle brad
im myself with nothing but a recorder an a computer i have no pro anything jus myself an a couple skillz
Band/artist history
started spittin at the age of 13 an made my first song but it was all jokes we never took it seriosly till we got like our first fan who kept asking when more songs were gunna come out an like we didnt even know what to think when we had a fan were like well i was like what the faaaa like weird , i grew up a lozer then now im like ....like i unno a role model to some but its weird man im jus intrested to see whats ahead for me
Have you performed in front of an audience?
i did twice but it wasnt in the right crowd i opend for a punk show got some rep an shouts but ... nothin seriose yet an yea i liked it , but id like even more if the fans came for me or if i was in like a hip hop show or sum shit lol
Your musical influences
every music artist shouts to eminem for my biggets influence i use he's alblums as my bibles he is the smartest rapper in the game an him dre snoop biggie pac etc... they created rap there legends.... an... my dream is to collab or make a song with eminem two fuckin whyte bois that can effin ehh rip the mic up but no i admire every artist too i keep track of the rap game but for all you to know ...... i only hate 1 rapper souljah boi..pffft that boi cant rap bahh make the sound edditor famouse for the kinda cool skip shit but really its in every song liek fack
What equipment do you use?
a shitty mp3 player to record my computer hooked up to my sterio that plays the beat through the speakers then record my voice an instrumental in my shitty mp3 player at same time takes like 20 trys to nail the whole song perfect but i upgraded a while ago an got garage band hah it herlps lots now but still i have no pro shit
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