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Mike Rockmore
Mike Rockmore
1 Track
Hiphop beats for the masses.
I consider myself to be a mixture between all the producers that inspire me.
Band/artist history
as u might have noticed i recently made a switch to hiphop. i spose i got a bit tired of house music and decided it was time for a change. besides, nothing worthy came out of my computer anyway. my inspiration had gone dry so to speak. so i needed something new something different. i went back to my childhood fascination for hiphop/pop records and decided to give it a go. still in a learning process, but im happy with what im producing at the moment. i love making hiphop/hippop/r&b music because you are not bound to a certain drumpattern like in the house music buisness. i spend a lot of time crafting my beats and having a lot of fun doing it. there are no boundries, and i guess thats what drove me mad about making house music. there were certain boundries, well at least i think. always stick to a 4x4 beat otherwise it will not be housey enough and all that crap. anyways hoping to get some exposure through myspace. to all my rapping (american) friends, if you like what you hear send me a message and we'll see if we can collaborate! thats it for now. ill be posting some fresh beats every weak. let me know what you think! cheers, mike
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No gigs yet, something for the future perhaps
Your musical influences
You can guess by listening to my music, I think.
What equipment do you use?
Midismart Keyboard (รข 15,-) and a bunch of VSTi's
Anything else?
Dont hesitate to contact me. Beats are for sale. Or if u have a different interesting offer, let me know.