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Uptown Boy Jerome
Uptown Boy Jerome
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"Young,16, Uptown Boy $Jerome$ bringing hip-hop a fresh breath of air with his unique style of music. Attracting and inspiring all from different age groups, ba
Taking Music Uptown To Another Level Uptown Boy $Jerome$ aka " Thomas 'Jerome' Borling " has been writing/producing music on the hip-hop scene since he was 11 years old. So who is this kid? У I Uptown Boy am far most one of the best talented kids out their, hands down! My music is different from what you always hear on the radio. My music is to inspire, be a good influence, and to help others especially teens to keep fighting for there dream! My humor, my swag, and music catches people's attention. For being as young as I am, I even catch the attention of older age groups. I tend to attract a variety of fans from different backgrounds and diversities. Not only am I appealing to a specific crowd but to a very large crowd of different individuals, says Uptown Boy.Ф Uptown Boy, is definitely a very talented kid, he forever stresses, У I put a message in my music. My music means something! No matter what, in some way everyone can relate to what I am saying, especially the kids! I bring something different, a lot of artists say the same, but I really do! I'm not a waste of time, I'm real serious about my career in music.Ф So how did your music career start out? Well, I had a big interest in music especially rappers like 50cent, Eminem, 2pac, Bone Thugs & Harmony, and Lil Wayne. I started out with a 4 track portastudio tape recorder and started to record my lyrics, something was missing though....well I didn't have a beat. It took a long time to finally get beats and that was when I was 13. It was rough with money at the time and I was getting impatient because it was 2 years before I actually made music with my written songs. So on my 13th birthday I got a keyboard and was hooked on it everyday. It was hard trying to make a melody because I didn't know how to play the keyboard. I just kept trying and trying hard and finally I got one. It wasn't a lot but is was something. This is when i recorded my first ever song " AinТt NothinТ Gonna Change ". After about 6 months I started getting real good and mastered my portastudio, so I started making cassette demo's and sending them out, but of course it went no where. So I continued to work and work to get better and I did every song. So I sent a demo to Fresh Entertainment down in Atlanta, Georgia where a guy by the name of Willie Hunter got a hold of it. He guided me through the process of making music and taught me more about the business side of the music industry and how hard it can be breaking into it. I eventually started on my own path and making music after learning more and experiencing a lot of hard ache. How far have you come along in your 4 year music experience? To make a long story short, I worked hard and hard and finally this year 9 weeks after my birthday an indie record label contacted me by the name of Tate Music Group and was interested. I signed to them around September and have been working on my album On The Rize, which will be dropping sometime in 2009 in 25,000 retail stores nationwide. This four year experience has been the best ever although all the hard aches slowed me down but all in the end it was worth it. Oh, and IТm Non-Exclusive so if youТre a Major Label interested in my music contact me. IТm always up for taking music to a higher level. Any advice for other young rappers breaking in the industry? Man, its hard, all I have for advice is hard work, dedication, never give up, and always fight for your dream something IТm even doing now!!! Also, never let anyone say you canТt because with God all is possible. Here is a quote to every music artist that my mentor Mr. Hunter told me, У If it was that easy to get into the music industry then everyone in your school or neighborhood would be in it.Ф And as for all you hataz that come to my page and listen to my music and say its whack, its stupid, its this and that, well F*** you hataz! As for others if you if you just don't like it and it ain't your type, then get off the page and move on! And for the people out there that like my music, thankz for the support! I appreciate it!
Band/artist history
I did have Uptown Boyz, but my producer just wasn't giving me what i needed so i just went solo! Its the best way to go!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Booking: utbjerome@gmail.com
Your musical influences
50cent and Eminem and 2 Pac they are the REALEST rappers and inspired me!
What equipment do you use?
Everything that records and makes music!
Anything else?
Check out my music, let me know what you think! Also, you can add me at www.myspace.com/utbjerome and listen and vote for my songs at www.numberonemusic.com/uptownboyjerome. Also, iTunes me!! Uptown Boy Jerome
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