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Skatter Brain
Skatter Brain
2 Tracks
Independant Underground Hip-Hop/Indie Rap/Electronica/Trip-Hop
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Band/artist history
Me and a handful of the FPMCs started freestylin at like age 14 (before the release of 8mile faggots) over the radio or some song that had a tight beat..then I purchased "Music Maker"..one of the most non-creative programs I ever used but a definite door way to where we are today..and started fuckin with our own beats and sculpting our own sick style..the crew is a little spread right now but we are definitly bringgin it back like a fresh out the box malfunctioning I-phone! For now I am working on solo shyyyyit
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah next to my computer...I fuckin love it..Id rather kick shit to a speaker than out a microphone but I cant fit that many bodies in my house..special moments happen everytime we freestyle...theres always somethin
Your musical influences
One of the biggest lyrical influences to me EVER is Sage Francis..His album "Personal Journals" was probably the one reason why I wanted to continue making music! As far as lyrics go I am perticullarly strange and unusual but at the same time quite meaningful..Aesop Rock and his entire style was also a huge influence and a sort of suportive artist for me and my style. The early Busta Rhymes (1992-2004 or so) is probably the foundation of my style..watching his videos is just like when I day dream..Speaking of unique wild styles Canibal Ox is one of my most favorite groups ever! The names Vast Aire and Vordol Mega pretty much warns you what they are all about. Vast Aire in perticular has a way of making my brain cook! HUGE influence! El-P has one of the tightest rapid fire delivery styles that is much like the delivery my freestyles have been sculpted. One of the most influential songs by El-P and Vast Aire is "Dr Hellno vs The Praying Mantis"...if havent herd it go fn find it!!! Just get the fn album "Fantastic Damage"!! There are so many more but these are some of my biggest influences! They keep me going
What equipment do you use?
Fruity Loops Studios/Pro Tools/Reason/Audacity/Im always getting new shit or upgrading my shit but basicly I record with Pro Tools and produce with mainly FL and a board
Anything else?
Sleeping on my style can give you bad dreams