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Michael Van Noise
Michael Van Noise
2 Tracks
Van Noise
Shisnight (A2 Vocal Edit)
Viva Espana
Peak in sub-genre #10
I am a small range producer. And in the picture you can see my mate.
Band/artist history
I am making my songs for about one year, so I am a young in the industry. My friend move to Belgium and I wanted to remind him all the time so I started to produce. He falls in love with music so it was my chance to remind me for him. Sorry for my english... i am from Poland:( Our public schools are not as good as in Germany for example.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, I haven't got a chcance...:(
Your musical influences
My friend of course:D No, I think that I love music and I want to express my feelings in that way not going on the street and break into cars or do a burglery... At first You must feel it... You can't do it without inspiration. It is very important. My first song was made when my school mate told me that he had a serious problem with heart. Some really bad disease. And the title of song was I won't give up. It is really good to be influenced by people not by things.
What equipment do you use?
All Ejay programs...
Anything else?
Make your wishes come true. Don't give up at the begginig. Try to accept yourself whatever happens to you. Greetings.