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United Kingdom
March 01, 2008
ACHREN- Scottish Blood Metal Maniacs
Band/artist history
There is doubt whether anyone knew what was to be in store for humanity with the formation of Glasgow, Scotland, The Worlds first Blood Metal band, Achren in 2003. Achren performed multiple live shows throughout the UK enduring various accusations ranging from associations with petty criminals to kidnapping and false imprisonment of potential fans. Despite such intriguing distractions, Achren have gained great live critical acclaim and a steady fanbase around the country. Support slots with bands such as Devildriver (US), Dismember (SWE), Destruction (DE), Onslaught (UK) and Mendeed (SCO) meant word was spreading across Europe of the many unique talents of the band, resulting in a successful if intoxicated, tour of Finland with Perfect Chaos (FI) in 2007 Recent activity has seen Achren record a single, Blood Soaked Banner, with esteemed metal producer Dave Chang (Gorerotted,Desecration, Medulla Nocte) and performing Live in Session on the Vic Galloway show on BBC Radio1. Achren are the heralds of Scottish Blood Metal and look forward with savage pleasure to the prospect of spreading their aural brutality to countless thousands and terrorising the rest into faithful submission.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Achren are built to play live. Dates across the UK and Europe are kept up to date on our website.
What equipment do you use?
Jackson, BC Rich, Ibanez, Tama, Hartke, Mesa Boogie, Marshall, VHT
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