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Not just merely a tribute band, THINK PINK FLOYD delivers a theatrical presentation that captures the mood, emotions, and the intensity of the Pink Floyd co
Anticipation grips the crowd as the house lights dim and a shroud of fog drifts across a darkened stage. A single heartbeat slowly morphs into an evolving litany of familiar Floydian sound effects, whose volume swells as short, sharp shocks of light pierce the darkness. Suddenly, the sounds of drums, bass, guitars, and organ explode with a flash of brilliant white light, followed by a moving rainbow of intense colors, as the band kicks into the opening salvo of DARK SIDE OF THE MOON A live tribute to Pink Floyd from the Syd Barrett years to the Division Bell era, THINK PINK FLOYD is the tri-state's most popular Pink Floyd tribute show, combining Sight and Sound in an authentic recreation of material from their entire career. THINK PINK FLOYD performs the crowd favorites that all rock fans recognize. interspersed with the show-stoppers that appease even the most ardent Pink Floyd fanatics. Not just "merely a tribute band," THINK PINK FLOYD delivers a theatrical presentation that captures the mood, emotions, and the intensity of the Pink Floyd concert experience. The show utilizes a professional 6-piece musical ensemble featuring 4 vocalists , specially created sound effects, and a choreographed light show complete with rolling fog and state-of-the-art intelligent lighting, back drop video used by Pink Floyd. Professional sound and light crew to ensure that the Sight and Sound of Pink Floyd is seen and heard. The band is currently campaigning to expand its reach into other east coast regional markets - for more information please go to the contact page of www.thinkpinkfloyd.com, or check out the gigs page for upcoming show info. Future plans of"The Wall" and in "unplugged" show, and the continued high-quality, breathtaking performances of the show that has become known as THINK PINK FLOYD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Pink Floyd Tribute Band!!!!! THINKPINKFLOYD We are a 6 piece band from the area. People we get out to our events are true Pink Floyd fans from the area and beyound. The (Austi Floyd) show (at the Tower Thearter) Nov 9 & 10 our street team handed out over 3000 flyers to these people(floyd fans)in two nights! also Nov 23 -1600 flyers at (The Machine) Keswick Thearter our event Nov 24th at Walsh's got more then 135 people out!our last event at Sweeney'Saloon Phila PA more then 200 people the room was packed!!!!!!!!, the WHARF feb 16 i invite you to see for yourself! THE WHARF ASTON PA FEB -16th should be a huge night with all the Floyd fans from Del. county who have been bugging me to come down that area. This is not a bar gig this is an Event and has boosted us into our own little stardom! (lights,sound,video,Band) and our ever growing intense Myspace/ email list. THINKPINKFLOYD is The Ultimate Pink Floyd Tribute Band more info @ www.thinkpinkfloyd.com contact W.M.Hall @ 215-868-3854 or email me at; thinkpinkfloyd@yahoo.com http://www.myspace/BILLSopenmic We hope our respect for the music shows and we hope to meet more floyd fans from around mother earth . Supporting of LIVE Floyd music,THANKS BILLY Next event; Cazz's march 29th levittown pa THINKPINKFLOYD.COM Check out wwwThinkPinkFloyd.com. Some more stuff there. The Band just finished Rockin the Wharf Saturday. Great Show! They are only getting better. Heres a comment from a few fans on their my space site: Think Pink Floyd (TPF). And the Band played on!!! What a Show!!!! Feb 16 th, at the Wharf in Aston Pa. The place is still smoldering. What Pro's!!! What showman!!!! What Vocals!!! Guitars, Keys, and Drums. TPF got it right!! Come on!! Let's do it again!!! and again!! We watched as all the Jaws in the house dropped and hung wide open when Billy "the Kid" Martin and Art "Flash" Gordon laid down those Blistering Dueling Gilmour Guitar Riffs!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! SMOKIN!!!!!!!! GOT A SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Ricky & Patti.
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volunteers wanted; pink floyd tribute band needs help with sound person light person roadys promotion person stage person email person pos. job if goes well contact me at billythekid9992002@yahoo.com or www.thinkpinkfloyd.com
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