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Disinfectant Trifecta
Disinfectant Trifecta
La Vale, MD  USA
February 28, 2008
We're Disinfectant Trifecta, disinfecting your soul 24/7 with our creative brand of face-melting rock.
Band/artist history
DT started off in December 2006 with a couple of music nerds on the internet talking about starting different musical projects. We decided to form a proper band, and we immediately got to work on our first album "Socially Connected", a hodgepodge of musical styles, that was eventually released on March 20, 2007. During those sessions, we branched off into a noisier, more atmospheric sound influenced by Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine that became the album "Kiss", released January 1, 2008. Now we're working on our third album, "Pyrotechnic Graffiti", a rock opera about a 15 year-old kid who leaves home, hoping to find the freedom he desires. It's due for release July 8, 2008.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not any gigs yet, but we're practicing for them.
Your musical influences
Hard rock (Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Guns N' Roses, T. Rex) British pop (Beatles, Kinks, Byrds, Blur, Supergrass, Super Furry Animals) Noisy, avant-garde pop/rock (The Velvet Underground, Flaming Lips, Beck, Wilco)
What equipment do you use?
2005 Fender Strat Fender amp Squier bass Boss 16 track Digitech guitar pedal/drum machine