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clandashe productions
clandashe productions
2 Tracks
indie, hip hop, underground, score composition, background music, theme music, gothic rock, heavy metal, rock...etc,etc
Clandashe productions is pretty much at the stage of recruiting talent to produce for. We have a few people with us already and I am the main producer for us. Our talents consist of hip hop artists at this time, but i am able to produce any genre from, hip hop, r&b, gothic rock, heavy metal, and rock, as well as doin score compostion, and background theme music for low budget movies and video games. If you would like to contact me to collaborate on a projesct of any nature then please send me an e-mail to,(wltingh@aol.com)
Band/artist history
Though I am the main producer for Clandashe Productions, i do collaborate with many artists and other producers alike. Just about everyone i work with are from Rochester,NY where theres a big underground music industry. I would be willing to collaborate with musicians or producers from anywhere if accomodations are made. Most people don't understand that i dont have to actually be on-site to produce tracks for them. Theres many processes to sound production that can performed from across the globe.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, Im only a producer, and producers don't typically perform. Alot of the people i work with, such as, Octaine, Riversyde, Hafiz, and Tyo do perform on a regular basis in Rochester,NY
Your musical influences
My musical influences are basically anybody behind the scenes in the music and film industry that are focused on sound production , and range from Danny Elfman to Kanye West.
What equipment do you use?
I currently use Fruity loops for making beats and Adobe audition for laying down the vocals. I plan on upgrading to pro tools soon and opening my own recording studio within the next 2 years