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February 23, 2008
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I am the band. 5 years ago I was rescued by technology, the kind that lets you multi-track in the comfort of your home, a process that requires no squabbling band members, no painful indecision, no drama. Gadgets that allow you to express yourself musically and archives those thoughts in a cyber space that is available to the world. Legacy, not infamy, in the sense that something you did will be left behind for all.
Band/artist history
Like so many senior players on here. There was a band, way back when and thats history. This, in the here and now, is for the pure joy of making music for my own consumption.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Never. The fact is, once I have created a song it's pretty much gone. I mean I would have to learn how to play it, since I build them (songs) around a wandering guitar noodle, or bass-line or a beat I hear in my head. I seldom know where a tune is going till it's done. This is where not being trained has its disadvantage. I play without knowing the specifics, so it is difficult to recall what it was I just did.
Your musical influences
The list is so long and gets longer with each new artist I hear.
What equipment do you use?
I am now down to about 10 guitars, 2 basses. I use a BR600 SITB (studio in the box) and a Lap Top with a couple of DAW programs, 2 low end audio monitors, Line 6 POD Farm (great product) some head phones and thats about it.
Anything else?
Parents: If your kids into music, encourage it, regardless of wither you like the genera or not. Looking back many years, there is no doubt I would have chosen music as a career path had my parents allowed it. I would have been on the production side because that aspect always intrigued me.
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