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Priceless Recordings
Priceless Recordings
4 Tracks
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In 2000, Hays had an idea about starting a record label after a year of involvement in hallway cyphers in schenley high school . It wasnt until 2002 when boots and big C linked up with Hays on the musical tip. Thus the label was born as PRICELESS ENTERTAINMENT, which was the orignal name. Since then it has some changed in the past 5 years and is now known as PRICELESS RECORDINGS. It all began with Hays, Big C, and Joe boots with nothing but a stage mic , cassette tapes and alot of ambition. Now, PRICELESS RECORDINGS is a motivated network thats continually expanding and everyone involved has something unique to bring to the table. In 2007 a fourth memeber was signed to the label with the name Draztyk known for his raw metaphors and punchlines. We have worked with other producers, such as mike beats of Pure Grind Recordings and Code Nine from CNP, Philadelphia PA. We have also worked with many other local artists including: Pk Poo, Real Deal, BZE, Omar Abdul, Basick Sickness, Incyte, Sikes, Traxx, Dame Voxx, Hierarchy Records and many more! We have a six man design team thats responsible for our fliers, advertisements, album covers and computer graphics. We also have a promotion crew/ street team made up of over twenty people. After Eight cd releases, Four full length albums and Four mixtapes, we are finally self sufficient enough to take the next step.
Band/artist history
I'll let you know our history by putting our cd releases here: Priceless Recordings - Trials and Tribulations (2 Disc) Hays - The Haze Concept Vol. 1 Priceless Recordings - Bars and Bridges Vol. 1 (Hosted By Fast Eddie) Priceless Recordings - Burn and Flip Priceless Recordings - How Burgh is That Vol. 1 Hays - The Hays Concept Vol. 2 Hip Hop 101 Draztyk - A Compilation of Draztyk Priceless Recordings - How Burgh is At? Vol. 2
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We're always down to play live. We've done small venues, big venues, outside venues and even set up our own shows. We are down to do a show anytime and anywhere. We've done well over 100 shows since we've been on the grind.
Your musical influences
All music in general...From hardcore rap to hardcore punk!
What equipment do you use?
Studio equipped with: 2 Midi Controllers Mpc 1000 Behringer B2 Mic Edirol Interface Tascam Us-122 Behringer Mic Pre-amp And much more..
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