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Thrown To Belial
Thrown To Belial
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We are a death/black metal band from chelmsford essex. some fans have compared us to a darker, faster more evil sounding Job for a cowboy. Although feel that ou
In the dark, hellish winter of 2006, three metalheads; Dom, Eddy and Sam, with the aspiration to create original and melodic deathmetal, decided to form a band, which we now know as Thrown To Belial. Luke soon emerged from the depths of the internet to join as vocalist after impressing all that heard him, and after a long search for a capable drummer, death metal extrordinaire Jake completed the final line up which has remained unchanged. Now in 2008, with their debut EP complete and an album in the works, the band hopes to lay waste to the UK and the rest of civilisation... The 4 track EP, Voices of the Underworld (produced by Dan Abela of Escape Route Productions), is available now at shows and through paypal on our myspace for 5! So if you like the tracks we have up in our player, be sure to order yourself a copy! Thanks for listening to our music! If you want to book us, message our myspace page and we will see what we can do. All we ask is that petrol costs are covered, and backline provided.
Band/artist history
2007: Hey everyone! Finally, after alot of band practice and saving up money to get recordings sorted out. Our first EP 'Voices of the underworld' is finished. It was produced by Dan Abela at Escape Route Productions. The EP has 4 tracks: 1. Cursed with serpent eyes 2. Eternal Servants 3. Voices of the Underworld 4. High lord in the diseased halls of the dead We hope everyone likes what they are hearing from us on the EP. It is available for mail order on our myspace page through paypal or at shows for 5! We will make sure we dispatch mail orders as soon as possible! Our goals now as a band are to get the EP and the Thrown to Belial name known, play as many shows as possible, get some tshirts sorted. And also step it up a notch with the new material we are writing. If you like the tracks we have in our player be sure to get yourself a copy of the EP and show your support! Thanks to everyone who listens to us! Early 2008 update: Hello everyone, just a quick update to let you guys know whats going on in the world of TTB. Basically, most of our upcoming shows have been cancelled for various different reasons so we're writing new material while we wait for better times. The new songs are darker, more slammin and we've thrown some epic in there too, so be afraid/aroused. So far we've written 3 new songs that aren't on the EP. One of these, Celestial Decapitation, is included in our live set, so listen out for that one. We will consider changing our set when we can play all of our songs to the best of our ability; theres no point playing shit. We are also trying to accumulate money so we can finally make brutal t shirts, record our new material and get more CDs made. If you would buy a t-shirt, speak up so we know we're not wasting our time/money. Currently we are in discussion with a couple of record labels, which is always promising. More news on that one when we decide whats best for the band. Well thats about all there is to say, if theres anything you want to know, give us a message, comment or whatever tickles your fancy. More importantly.... KEEP IT METAL TTB Feb 2008: We have wrote 4 songs since the EP now, 2 of which are included in our live sets, Celestial Decapitation and Destined To Rot. We are going for an album, and 2 new songs from it shall soon be unleashed upon you!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live as much as we possibly can, and we fucking love it! we will always try and encourage the crowd to "get fucking metal" and try and get everyone moving no matter what, because its the way metal shows should be! We try and play in as many different locations as we can so if you want to sort a show out just let us know!
Your musical influences
Each member has there own influences which we combine to create the thrown to belial style you know. Our influnces range from deathgrind, grindcore, and oldschool death metal to newer death metal, black metal, deathcore and metal music. To list a few bands: Job for a cowboy The black dahlia murder Whitechapel Viatrophy All shall perish and many many many many more! suicide silence aborted
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