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Scott Hisey
Scott Hisey
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I Don't Wanna Be Me
Peak in sub-genre #59
She Never Got Me Over You
Peak position #87
When He Feels He's Lost It All
Peak in sub-genre #35
Til A Tear Becomes A Rose
Peak position #47
I Won't Miss The Rain
Peak position #69
A dedicated singer/songwriter, described by country music legend George Jones as ?The Real Deal?, Scott has spent his life developing a sound and style of his own. His music, while unique, has a traditional country quality and his dynamic stage presence; rich alluring voice and heartfelt delivery make Scott appealing to a broad range of country music listeners. His musical influences include Merle Haggard, Keith Whitley, John Anderson, Vern Gosdin and Hank Williams Sr. Scott grew up in the close-knit farming community of South Charleston Ohio. He lived with his grandparents early in his life learning to sing and perform Pentecostal church hymns. Scott?s attraction to music led to his first entertainment-oriented job; at 14 he began Disc Jockeying at local clubs and radio stations finding immediate success. As a freshman in High School Scott became a percussionist with the marching band and also began playing drums for local bands. During this time he began writing lyrics and at the age of 17 Scott bought his first guitar with the money he earned cutting grass and began writing and playing music. Moving to Nashville in 1991 Scott played the lower Broad clubs including Tootsies Orchid Lounge, Roberts Western World and Legends Corner on a daily basis. While in Nashville his writing matured and improved dramatically. Increasing his original song library enabled him to then play songwriter venues such as Douglas Corner, The Bluebird Cafénd The Broken Spoke where he co-wrote with many other Nashville writers. In 1999 Scott moved back to his home state of Ohio. His writing continued and upon meeting his current songwriting collaborator Ron Vincent in early 2002, Luculent Music was formed. Scott came to public prominence in 2002 with the launch of his debut album, ?What Will The Good Times Do?. Internationally he quickly established recognizable success and strong critical reviews for his first single ?The Nashville Way?, which charted at No. 48 within a few weeks of it?s release. He continues to win the support of fans at home and internationally. ?The support my fans give me is truly incredible, I would be nowhere without them. I am so grateful to be doing what I love to do, so few get the opportunity to truly follow their dream? The talent Scott radiates is magnetic when he performs. His lyrics are so personally honest and distinctive they speak directly to the heart with pure feeling. You?ll find he is equally comfortable playing an impromptu acoustic set as he is performing with the backing of his own K.I.C. band. The latest chapter in Scott?s career recently begun with the release of his highly anticipated second album ?Dead Man Walkin' ?. Again on this album he continues to stay true to his music instincts. Already, music industry sources are using words like ?colossal? to describe the predicted success of this album. This young man has never lost focus of his dreams and 2004 will firmly see Scott establish himself without question as the next major success story in country music. Luculent, ?clear in thought or expression?, defines Scott Hisey?s music perfectly. Scott Hisey Web Site...www.scotthisey.com E-mail Scott at...scotthisey@truecountry.com Personal Manager & Booking contact Lester Vaughn at lvaughn@truecountry.com or (937)689-6298 Fan Club Info contact Tammy Pickens (President)Tammy@scotthiseyfanclub.com
Band/artist history
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE!!!! Ohio's Scott Hisey Has ?STUNNED? Top Nashville Music Makers Dedicated singer/songwriter, Scott Hisey has created quite a stir amongst Top Nashville Music Makers with his song ?The Nashville Way? which is taken from his debut album ?What Will The Good Times Do?. The song is climbing the country music charts, currently #48. In a song this man has said things Nashville doesn?t want to hear. Without any fear he has brought things right out into the open, which many would like to keep silent - THE TRUTH about the Nashville Music Industry. This can only be good news for Independent country artists and their music worldwide. His dedication to his music is bringing true country music back to where it matters ?THE PEOPLE?. DJ?s who have played his music worldwide love him and listeners want to hear more of him. Described by country music legend George Jones as "the Real deal". His music, while unique, has a Traditional country quality. With a dynamic stage presence, rich alluring voice and heartfelt delivery make Scott?s music appealing to a broad range of country music listeners. Liked by many fans and those in the industry to have the same ?Magic? as that of the late Keith Whitley. Scott has acknowledged in recent interviews that Whitley has always been a major influence and inspiration to his music career. This young man is certainly a name to be watched, his music will grab at your soul and his voice will steel your heart away. "Clear In Thought Or Expression" defines Scott Hisey's Music perfectly. Definitely ?The Nashville Way? and the voice and music of Scott Hisey will be remembered this decade. Scott Hisey again wowed crowds when he performed in his native State of Ohio at their Annual Ohio State Fair with appearances on August 1st and August 11th. The Ohio State fair is the largest fair in the Midwest. The road to success has not been an easy one for Hisey but his dedication and talent is now shining - ?The cream always rises to the top?
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we perform many live events around the country, mainly Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee. But we will perform anywhere.
Your musical influences
Keith Whitley, Merle Haggard, John Anderson, Vern Gosdin, REAL COUNTRY MUSIC!!
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