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Rome Music
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My name is Rome and im a musician. I do everything. This is page is dedicated to my more mellow side of musical creativity. I live a pretty fast and vibrant life and through all of this i find inspiration to write music. I am moving to hollywood march 18th 2008. I am attending Musicians Institute to further my knowledge in both music and music-business. The Plan? Not to have millions. not to have killer parties. The Plan, is to share my music with everyone and play live for the masses. If you like my music, Thank you. Please let me know. I have played a lot of places throughout california and have met the most amazing people feeding me nothing but the best of Compliments. I truly have the greatest of fans. I Intend on starting the Album creation process, So stay tuned..
Band/artist history
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes sir. Im guilty oh playing live... and loving it. its the fuel for my machine. I love playing in front of everyone, family is a little wierd but thats another topic.
Your musical influences
As far as musical influences go, everything under the song (litterally and metaphoricly haha). Rage, sublime, muse Coheed, jack johnson,bayside , Alexa Wilkinson , fiona apple. everything.
What equipment do you use?
Ibanez apple M-audio shure
Anything else?
If you like my music, Please, dont hesitate to tell me so. that is my form of payment. Now if only i can go grocery shopping with that lol