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Etare Neged
Etare Neged
6 Tracks
Etare Neged is The Future OverHorde is The Revolution: Fight the Blockade
Band/artist history
Etare Neged (pronounced: e-TAR-e ne-GED) is the superhuman form of the life-force energy derived from Pluto. He is Plutonian as described by both the Inferno and the identification of the underworld of our solar system. He is the fusion of fire and ice, light and dark, the medieval and the post-apocalyptic, the interpolation of pain, pleasure and rage. This energy was born onto this earth decades ago on the outskirts of Chicago, raised in Indianapolis, only to return to Chicago as Etare Neged, Artist/MC/Producer. As a Master Story Teller, he grew up a slave to his imagination, seeing, hearing and experiencing life in an alternate reality within the confines of his own skull. After being forced to leave the violent world of the gridiron, he became lost a soul with no focus, no direction, no spirit and worse yet, no way to channel his endless rage. He was almost completely consumed by the darkness until one day amidst all of the sorrow he found the light of music seeping up from the dungeon below. This music was created by Superproducer D-Chi and lit a spark within Etare, the flames from which continue to burn bright today. After becoming a prolific lyricist and forming the cutting edge hip hop group The Dread with D-Chi and Exxon Valdees they signed a deal to become part of The Empire, a local conglomerate of MCs and Producers who eventually pinned a distribution deal with Ichiban Records. Through the misguided management of a fraudulent CEO, ties were severed and The Empire was no more. Several members continued to produce music on the cutting edge of hip hop as The Wolf Pack and later 1241, Inc. was formed by Bellicose (aka Mr. Bellicosity). 1241, Inc. thrived as a promotional and musical entity and continues to do so today. After years of being strictly a lyricist, Etare channeled the energy of Har Ness the Sixth as a guiding light in to the world of production. Through Har Ness, his production skills have brought Pluto to Earth and laid the backdrop for the debut solo project The Introduction of Mau Fatt the Rotgut. This album chronicles the possession of Etare Neged by the demon Carcinoma. In order to survive, Etare channeled the energy of Mau Fatt the Rotgut, who had the will and might to survive the torture of intense radiation and chemical exorcism. This treatment fused the two Plutonians together. Mutating the body and freeing the soul to provide the world with something the it has never heard. These esoteric tales of the triumphs and sorrows of the tortured soul are unparallel in the world of hip hop and throughout the music industry at large. Prepare...
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Your musical influences
My mother is Nature and my father is Time. I am influenced by the world around me and the light and dark, positive and negative energy that flows through the universe. I am gothic, I am medieval, I am The Future. I have seen unimaginable horror and felt unspeakable pain. This is my vision of the dark being guided by the light as yet unseen. Surreal, epic tales tell my story. Production via the Incarnation Har Ness the Sixth are the backdrop, the setting of my realm. There has never been an artist the likes of me and there never will be again. Prepare...
What equipment do you use?
Anything I can get my hands on.
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