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The Big Dogs
The Big Dogs
West Palm Beach, FL  USA
February 16, 2008
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The BIG DOGS are a band from South Florida that performs festivals, concerts, corporate events at regional and local venues. Anchored by songwriting partners KC Vinck and Marco Cocchiaro, they have developed an edgy, blues based style of rock and roll with a twang. Marco's guitar and KC's lead vocals provide the band's signature sound. Their original music is in the same vain as The Rolling Stones, 38 Special, The Georgia Satellites and The Black Crows and can be associated to rock or southern rock with cross over into country and pop genres. Shown in the band photo (from left to right) are Donny LaStella (drummer), KC Vinck (bass and lead vocals), Marco Cocchiaro (guitar and vocals), Dave Stumacher (guitar, keys, bass, vocals), and Elvis Barnett (guitar and vocals).
Band/artist history
The Big Dogs was officially formed in 1991 by long time friends (since High School) KC and Marco. Allthough the main objective at the time was to write songs and pursue a record deal they played small club gigs to earn the money they needed to do this. About four years later they were recording a demo on spec at Quadradial studio in Miami with Mauro Magellan (from The Georgia Satellites) on drums and Steve Parke on Hamond organ. The band went through some difficulties shortly after. Quadradial shut its doors and their attempts to shop the material in Nashville didnt pan out ("too rock for country, too country for rock"). Discouraged, they took a break. In 2004, the band got back together with Tom McWilliams on drums and Elvis Barnett playing second guitar and began to perform at festivals, corporate events, and some local venues. The following year The BIG DOGS released a 5 song demo CD titled Warning! Big Dogs Inside (that can be purchased online from outlets such as Tower Records and CD Baby). The CD includes the Miami Heralds Great Sound Search contest winner An Outlaws Song as well as "Girl From Tennessee", "One Good Reason"," I'll Be Waiting (for you)", and "Call Mary". KC and Marco have recently been writing new material that has a little more of a country edge than before and aided by advances in home recording technology have been able to start recording them. They are currently working on over thirty songs that will all soon be available at Sounclick when they are ready.
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