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Brik Mason
Brik Mason
3 Tracks
Super Electro Magnetic Gym Class Monster that will make you shake that booty and blow your mind all at once.
In 2008, it is about making good music. Think James Brown (RIP), think Prince, Think Madonna, think Outkast, Think Redman, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, think The Roots. A banging booty bass shaking, dance punk style with some hip hop. Burning with passion, he continues to pursue his dreams.
Band/artist history
Brik Mason was born in Philadelphia. Nurtured by both the street and school elements, he represents both the harsh realities of life and the path of the future of his community. Blending what is to be street, witty, intelligent and energetic, he has developed into a overall emcee and dj. Since his high school days, he blazed the hallways of his school for multitalent musicians and individuals by participating in both school talent and local shows. After a brief stint in Boston, where he honed his skills djing at house parties and having his own radio show, he made a jump to the gritty streets of New York. Brooklyn to be exact. In 2002, he marked the streets of New York with innovative ska/hip hop aficiandos, The P6, where he showcases both his djing and rapping abilities. Known for their live show, Brik brings massive amount of energy to the forefront that even Busta Rhymes would be amazed to see. Within the first two years of exsistance, the P6 sold out shows at the world reknowned Studio 54, made two videos and battled several bands for the best band in NY. In 2003, Brik participated and placed high in several dj battles such as DMC and Guitar Center. In 2004, he joined Maggie Kim, a pop/singer/songwriter who redefines what it is to be a indie rock/pop artist in the world today. As a result, Brik has toured both the West coast, Texas as well as up and down the East coast. In addition, Brik has partaken in several showcases in and out of NY including SXSW, Asian Music Festivals in California and NY. He toured Korea with Maggie Kim where they played at the opening ceremony for New Songdo City and appeared on KTV. In 2006, Brik appears in a new video with Maggie as well on Imaginasian TV and Radio. Currently, Brik showcases both his emceeing and djing skills with Amy B and the Tuff All Stars, an up and coming R&B artist. Also, he works with JFK, a local rap artist, who uses Brik's Dj/Producing ability to the limit. Looking to expand his repertoire, push his talent and stay hungry, Brik continues to work with all types of artists from R&B to Indie Rock to Hip Hop to Metal. Brik has several projects that he works on including his own album, mixtapes, club and lounge appearances, the new Maggie Kim album, Simple Thing performances, The P6 live show, and developing his own website.
Your musical influences
James Brown, Prince, Madonna, Spankrock, Rod Lee, Michael Jackson, Busta Rhymes, Redman, The Clipse, Pase Rock, Dj Q-bert and Dj Drama.
What equipment do you use?
Turntables, Computers, 808 drums, Congos, Drums, and a mic
Anything else?
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Street People
AWKWARD (6ix9ine type beat)
Luxury Tax
PURPLE CLOUDS (Buy 1 Get 3 Free!)