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Grandpa Crunk
Grandpa Crunk
1 Track
Party music. Line dancing, freak dancing, two-stepping music.
The Hula Slide
Peak in sub-genre #31
notes Grandpa Crunk Baby ! Grandpa Crunk takes many forms. Grandpa Crunk can be D.J. Seko performing as a solo artist or D.J. Seko with some friends. This is party music for mid-life B-Boys & B-Girls. We grew up in the late sixties. We partied to the greats. We remember when a radio station's format was diverse. We remember the B-Boy sessions, and love line dancing as much as Cassanova loves the ladies. We just wanna' dance ! We incorporate House music, Latin music, African music, Soul music, Rock music, Classical music, Jazz music, and we approach it all in a Hip-Hop manner. Seko & Fulo are: Grandpa Crunk ! Brooklyn-born Producer DJ Seko combines with long time collaborator and Panamanian-playboy DJ Fulo in this bilingual banger (English & Spanish) ! You've done the Cha-Cha slide, you've done the Cupid Shuffle, here is the newness ! Pack-ya-dance-floor ! This dance was created during a staff meeting for Positive Vibes DJs. Seko is the company's general manager, Fulo (Edilberto) is one of the company's DJs. Wanting to create the newest 'thing' to move the Spanish speaking crowd the two developed a line dance to a track made by Seko. Que Paso? The Hula Slide ! Visit the song's website to learn the dance steps accompanying the songs. http://thehulaslide.tripod.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We perform evey weekend as a part of our normal D.J. booking responsibilities.
Your musical influences
Grandpa Crunk developed out our experiences as Disc-Jockeys performing a special events with very diverse crowds. All dance related music has been an source of inspiration with a heavy focus on African-Caribbean-Latin and Africans in the Americas generes.
What equipment do you use?
We use a variety of equipment. We have ASR-X beat machines, Korg Mobile Digital recording systems, we have used Frooty Loops, SoundForge, and Pro-Tools. All of the equipment available provides different feels, so we use what ever feels good.
Anything else?
You may purchase our music from this page, and we may be found on I-Tunes !