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Opal Ellyse
Opal Ellyse
5 Tracks
Tells a story like Jay or Nas, rhymes crazy vocab like Em n Left Eye, with a voice you will fall in love with. . .Pure and simple
Kanye West beat freestyle
Band/artist history
Opal Ellyse, born and raised in Madison, WI then attended college at UW Parkside in the Kenosha Racine area. After living in Milwaukee for a while she made the move back to Madison. Along the way recording with several WISCO rap groups for various projects, including Krown Konnect, Huge Family, House of Waxx and No Luv Records of Madison, and having a home base in Hit Unit Entertainment of Milwuakee under the production of DJ NOC. You might have heard her on their innitial albumn "Money Cars Drinks and Beats" or the "DJ NOC Mix-CD Vol." 1, she also has appearances on the upcoming project "No Days Off" which drops spring 2008 and look for the "BossLady Mixtape" to drop in April 2008. Yes she writes her own rhymes and it only takes half a bar for you to fall in love with her voice, the combination makes for a killa female MC. If that isn't enough she can even battle rap and has won battles that included some of the most well known local talents. Her goals are for a major label deal with the sky being the limit, a huge part of her dream is to shine a light on all the talent in this area. She's not in this game just to get money, if she just wanted a paycheck she could have done that with corporate America or counseling since she is half way to her Masters Degree in Psychology and she just left a position in upper management where she was not only the youngest but the only minority "Boss". She is not afraid to make moves in life or with her music, she is not the type of artist who tries to remake the last big thing, but one who just feels the music and uses what God gives her. Contact for music or colabs: myspace.com/opalellyse, myspace.com/madtownbosslady, or opalellyse@yahoo.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love shows, the crowd shows me love
Your musical influences
Jay Z, Pac, Nas, Missy, Nelly, Eminem, Left Eye, Eve,
What equipment do you use?
Any good microphone, I can play the piano, keyboard, flute, and viola
Anything else?
Swear to God Ima make it and I don't play with that:)
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