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Dr Shovel and The Shining Corpse Quartet
Dr Shovel and The Shining Corpse Quartet
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Zombie Rock is a reality!!! The worlds first actual zombie band! One lonely doctor and four undead band members. Sloppy lounge garage rock!
Zombie Rock is a reality!!! These tapes were found in the basement of a Dr. A. Shovel in 2006. Dr. Shovel was a small town scientist that experimented within controlled disease and virus filled environments. There seems to be evidence of post-human activity based on memory and muscle control using real musical instruments along with more audio recordings that will be released in the future. Dr. Shovel was obviously a somewhat disturbed and lonely man that fancied the ladies and a time when Sinatra, booze and bad taste ruled the world. More information will be passed onto you when available....
Band/artist history
According to the notes we have obtained Dr. A. Shovel--vocals, Oven--bass, JuJu--guitar, Ingrid--keyboards and Schlitz--drums.....Many tapes and photos were found on the premises all labeled with titles, people(living or not) involved with Dr. Shovel and stained with what looks to be menstrual excretion.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
They obviously played live at some point...the whereabouts are currently unknown.
Your musical influences
The Misfits, Frank Sinatra, bad television, Readers Digest, Andy Rooney
What equipment do you use?
We found a hollowbody Ibanez guitar, an Epiphone bass, Yamaha keyboards, a Verve drumset and one cheap set of Peavey drum kit mics...
Anything else?
Breaking news...the 4th release of Dr. Shovel recordings is now available..."A Very Merry Black Mass" contains 8 tracks including a cover of a famous x-mas song and the shocking events that obviously took place during the recording of track #7 "Veinerschnitzel"... The 3rd release release "Dig It!!" is a full length album with the most structured tunes to date!! The complete evolution of Dr. Shovels zombie band The Shining Corpse Quartet has come full circle with this collection of impressive tunes!!
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