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The Ravenz
The Ravenz
20 Tracks
classic rock 60's and early to mid 70's cover songs and original.Beatles stones Monkees Kinks Beau Brummels
Theres a Place
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We Can Work It Out
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My Back Pages
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One Track Mind
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IT ALL STARTED in about 1965,A friend Tim Isaacs found out I could play guitar then he introduced me to a great singer,Danny Burns,then we met Billy McWhorter who then played bass on a regular guitar.The we needed a drummer who turned out to be my brother, Alan Hayes which was always beating on anything from bucket lids to the kitchen table.We could tell he had rhythm and the rest was history.Tim was the only one who had driving license so he was very important since the rest of us were under 16.We got together without hardly any equipment.Very small amps turned up to 11,one microphone plugged into an amp,no P.A. We were a garage band that hardly ever left the garage. . . .We did do a few shows and had a good following cause around here in this small community there was'nt much to do so we always had a decent crowd. We were all practically neighbors within 5 or 6 miles of each other.As time went by and we grew up and went seperate ways with the army and school and marriage and everything,we were seperated for about 35 years. . . .We're all in our mid-50's now.Since I had built a nice recording studio I thought it would be a good idea to re-unite and try it again.Low and behold we still live as neighbors.We started out with all the old 60"s songs we used to do and really liked.Everyone made a list of their favorites.Some of them made it and some did'nt so we picked more of the same that we sounded pretty good on.Danny still had one of the old lyric books we copied from back then. We started out doing this for our own satisfaction and something to leave our kids and grandkids but it turned out to be a darn good CD and everyone wanted to buy one.We were very excited. . . .All but one song are cover tunes from various artist.All the music and vocals were done by The Ravenz at Digital Basement Studio.Randy Hayes owner and engineer.
Band/artist history
See introduction. With a 40 year gap from each other,we decided to see what would happen if we cut a CD project.We are all in our mid 50'and still alive and are as good or better musicians than ever.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We do not play live due to work and religious obligations from some members.We are however working on playing small gigs.
Your musical influences
Foremost The Beatles,Monkee's,Beau Brummels,Stones,Dave Clark Five,Credence,Grand Funk,60's and early 70's
What equipment do you use?
I cut all guitar tracks with a Digitech RP14,no amp.Custom Haze 5string fretless bass(that I built myself)straight into the board.All drum tracks were performed on D Drum with live cymbals.
Anything else?
I,Randy Hayes own the studio.I produce,engineer and design artwork for CD's all the way to duplication.I sell our CD from local shops and out of my website,www.myspace.com/randyhayes_studio or www.myspace.com/ravenzforevermore
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