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Odeceixe, Faro  Portugal
February 05, 2008
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I am a portuguese self taught guitar player wishing to exchange ideas, and play with other musicians around the world I record guitar solos and improvisations over backing tracks made by some great friend musicians, others by me. I used play often at the jamzone of the LesPaul Forum (www.lespaulforum.com) and the with my Soundclick Friends. Always ready to jam. Hope you enjoy and your feedback is welcome.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I like to play live, but these last years i play mainly at home. I wish i could join or form a Blues / Jazz Funk band
Your musical influences
David Gilmour, Robben Ford, Joe Satriani, Jimmy Page, Neal Schon, Lee Ritenour, Larry Carlton, Gary Moore, Andy Timmons, Steve Vai, Richie Blackmore, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Acoustic Alchemy, Wes Montgomery, Norman Brown, Santana, Jimi Hendrix,
What equipment do you use?
Fender Stratocaster Deluxe American Ash Fender Jaguar Modern Player Gibson Les Paul Junior Ibanez J-Custom Ibanez RG550 Ibanez Artcore Gibson J-45 acoustic Marshall JCM 900 50w combo Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II Preamp/Effects Processor A couple of pedals. PC with all the software needed to mix and record multitrack audio and midi
Anything else?
Soundclick great musicians i had the honour to collaborate with. Please listen to their fantastic music:
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