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The Man With The Multitrack Mind
The Man With The Multitrack Mind
5 Number 1
11 Top 10
81 Tracks
Instrumental Guitar Rock/Pop with a TWIST!! Plus some warped experimental Avant Garde side excursions for the musically adventurous!
Heavee Meddle Karma Sutra
Peak position #49
Hot Wet 'G' Strings
Peak in sub-genre #22
Funk In 'E'nough,Already
Peak position #37
Peak position #1
Dee Canon March
Peak position #2
Instrumental Guitar Rock/Pop with a "Twist"!
Band/artist history
Started doing Multitrack recording over 20 years ago,with a high tech arsenal of a Squire Strat,a cheap Harmony acoustic,about a million(!) Boss & DOD FX pedals,a Korg DDD-5 Drum Machine & Radio Shack Cond.Mic,& Stereo Cassette deck,capped off with a state of the art(LOL!) Yamaha MT-100 Four track cassette recorder! My "Bass" in those days would be the low "E" string played thru an octave pedal,'natch! Then a little over a year after getting my first mtx.,I moved up in a BIG way (for ME,anyway at the time) to 8 tracks w/ that ol' warhorse,the Fostex R-8,AND a real mixing board (Fostex 450),my first couple of rack FX (Rane graphic EQ,and THE original Alesis Quadraverb!),a REAL Mic (Shure 869,& a SM57),and also a new Drum Machine (Roland R-8),& a REAL Bass Guitar (Squire) Still growing & evolving over the years,musically & equipment-wise,call me the unknown "Tom Scholtz"(LOL!),tinkering away in my "basement" studio (actually the "dining" room of my one bedroom apartment!!)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Nope! My "15 mins" of fame was as a anonymous percussionist in my High School Marching Band,playing with about 20+ other HS Marching Bands at the nationally televised half time show of the 1979 annual Cal-Stanford football game at Stanford Stadium!
Your musical influences
The three big ones for me,growing up in the Late '60's & '70's are The Beatles,Led Zeppelin & classic Black Sabbath.Basically Classic 60's/70's rock,being a child of the 70's,all the way!I do like some of the 80's to now stuff;also fond of classic R&B/Soul from the 60's/70's,but have almost NO tolerance for the modern day stuff,& especially Rap/Hip-Hop,most of which I personally find offensive & repulsive,and in some cases quite racist! Not my generation at all! I like a lot of old Country also! Some Jazz & classical too!
What equipment do you use?
MIDI-Stuff- Roland R-8 Drum Machine Yamaha DGX 305 Keyboard Guitars- Fender Squire Telecaster Fender HM Strat Fender Squire Bass BC Rich Warlock Epiphone Black "Les Paul" Ibanez RG270 Takamine Jasmine Acoustic/Electric Computer Stuff: HP Pavilion Media Center 9100 Cakewalk Sonar 6/Producer 8.5/ X1 Producer (Multitracking & Sequencing) w SPS-25 Interface Session Drummer 3 Amplitube 3 Guitar Rig Pro 4 Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 11,for recd.waves,mastering,MP3 conversions,etc! External (physical real world) Mixer-Mackie 1402 VLZ-used primarily as a sub-mixer for Keyboards,Drum Machine.
Anything else?
Stubborn,Middle-Aged,(barely-) middle class Irish-Scottish Native Californian,from the South East Bay Area Born,Raised,Lived In All My Life.30 year veteran & 3d generation "brat" of the Supermarket industry,trying to get to retirement with my sanity intact (what's left of it!) Fiercely Independent!! I do not vote for the "Demopublican/Republiocrat Inner Party" ;) Extremely skeptical of Politicians,Lawyers,Mainstream Media,& people in positions of Power,Authority & Influence,regardless of Age,Sex,Race,Creed,Color,Religion,Political Affiliation,etc,etc! Intolerant of Pretense,Obfuscation,Political Correctness,& all forms of B.S. in general! I believe in Equal Opportunity for all,Special Privileges for NO ONE! Don't want NOBODY kissing my ass,nor anybody expecting ME to kiss THEIR ass! Don't want to take the ride? Then don't buy the ticket! :-)